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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Not every one goes and reads the comments left on posts so I wanted to copy a comment and my response to the comment in case anyone else felt I was not giving the local grocery stores a fair shake.

Anonymous said...
If you decide to keep shopping at Walmart at the expense of your local grocer then you will have to deal with the cell phone crowd more often when Rahilly's closes and you have to drive to da Soo to get stuff. There are less cell phone jockies in Newberry since neither Verizon or At&T work worth a crap in that area. Like you, it is hard not to shop for the deals at Walmart and Sams but we do need to support the local businesses. I have observed that Newberry stores have some pretty good prices on certain things but not others. i like good prices as much as the next guy but look at what has already happened. 41 Lumber would still be there if not for the Menards and Lowes. Our buying decisions matter to our neighbors who we might need to pull us out of a ditch.

2:15 PM

Cathy Clementz said...
Anonymous, I think possibly you missed part of my post; I will not drive 76 miles one way to save a few bucks. If I happen to be in the Soo and there are things I need that I can get there for $2.00 less per item, I will get them. IT DOES NOT MAKE ECONOMIC SENSE TO DRIVE OUT OF MY WAY TO SHOP. I have even, at times, gotten some items like milk or bread at one of the local gas stations...if I happen to be there already. I don't drive from store to store or gas station to gas station even IN Newberry to try to get a better deal. I will continue to do all my MAJOR shopping locally. I have for 20 years and will continue to do so. We're a local business too and it is hard for US to compete with the two State Parks that we are "between", so I DO know how difficult the competition can be. I hope I have cleared it up a bit.  (BTW, I purposely did not mention any local stores by name so I'm not sure why you mentioned the one store)

6:01 PM


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    we live near Newberry and do all of our shopping in town, but if we ARE in the Soo or Maraquette, we DO pick up things there that we might not get as cheaply here. Newberry has two nice stores but there are times when you do take advantage of a lesser price if you are where it is at the time.

  2. Since we have been here, with all the building and remodeling we have done, we have always shopped locally. The ONLY things we ever purchased out of town was cupboards for the Little Lodge when we were building it. And the log cabins came from Prairie Kraft in Montana but WE built them, used local help and bought the stain, etc locally.Otherwise, everything we have here has been purchased at a local business.

  3. Jan on 4462:11 PM

    Ok, I've been tracking groceries and a few other things for a few months. I also believe in shopping locally when I can. I won't drive to the Soo or Marquette just to buy groceries. I usually have to go to the Soo about every six weeks or more if I go along for the ride with a friend. I have saved over $100 dollars by buying groceries and laundry supplies along with paper products PER trip, sometimes more. I also buy birthday, Easter, and Christmas presents for the grand kids when I am there. Better selection and prices, plus the toys last a lot longer than FD stuff and the clothes are better quality. I do a lot of shopping at the big red K too.
    On the other side, there is advantages to knowing your hometown store crews!

  4. Jan, I DO enjoy knowing the people by face and name who check us out or who carry out our groceries. I was shocked when we moved up here that someone carried groceries out for you! Where we come from, we'd been doing it ourselves for a very long time!


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