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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


It's the same principal as the chicken crossing the road...just in a larger scale and with a WHOLE bunch of turkeys.

I was on my way back from our mailbox this a.m. and I heard screeching tires and a large flapping sound (which for whatever reason, reminded me of a bunch of bats).

I looked up the road and about 50' feet from me were a bunch of turkeys frantically trying to get into the woods on OUR side of the road but on the hood of a small red pick up truck was a good size turkey...standing on the hood!   And the turkey was looking into the windshield of the pick up.  His feathers were truly bristled up and standing out tall.  All I could really see was the white of the eyes of the driver and a big O where his mouth should have been!


The Army Corp has opened the ramp and the parking area here so we are officially back on duty again.  There has been a LOT of rain lately, which for the State of Georgia is a very good thing.  This was our last of our 4 days off so we did a bit of shopping...yep, you read that right...shopping. 

We tried to find Dan another coat, more of a dressy type but casual coat.  We found the perfect one and it was marked down from $62.00 to $10.  But it was one size too small...and there were no more like it in the next size.  I managed to get a nice fleece jacket that was marked down to $7.20 from $38.00.  You know, I might be able to get into the whole idea of shopping if we could always find specials like this!

Yesterday, we went in search of the Tarascos Mexican Restaurant.  I did a search to find the best rated Mexican restaurant in the area and this one received the highest compliments and reviews.  I then went to their online menu to see what they offered and how the prices were.  I found out they offer a Mexican buffet through the week  so that is why we decided on this place.

I Googled the directions and it seemed like it would be easy to find.  But some people, like STEVE know that we have a hard time following directions..at least without a drawing.

We followed the directions and ended up on a road that appeared to us to be headed WAY away from Cartersville.  And the property values seemed to be getting less and less.  Dan asked me if I really knew where I was going.  I told him only as far as what good old Google had provided.

About 16 miles into the trip we saw a sign for the restaurant telling you to TURN HERE!  And there it was!  It sure didn't look like anyplace that would get rave reviews, especially with the location.  But it offered outside dining as well as a pool room, a bar and a family restaurant. 

We got inside and were very pleased with the looks of the place.  It just was done so simply and so perfectly.  Again, I should have had my camera!

We had the buffet and it was delicious!  You could make your own taco salad or guacamole salad for starters.  There was regular salad and macaroni salad too.  There was a platter of warm churros...and then you got to the main attraction.

I can't tell you what some of the things were that we each had on our plate.  We each had a enchilada, refried beans, rice, pollo con crema and some other stuff that we didn't recognize but took anyway.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!  We only went up the one time and we truly didn't take a LOT of any one thing, but we were both stuffed.  And with Dan's pop (I always get water) it only came to a little over $14.00.

Well, with the price of fuel, we figure it is going to cost us a LOT more to come home than it did to get here.  Maybe in a couple of weeks things will calm down???  We can hope!

Catch ya later!

P.S.  IT WAS JUST ON THE NEWS ABOUT A TOM TURKEY THAT IS STOPPING TRAFFIC BY PECKING AT THEIR TIRES!!  It is in a different town but it seems odd that there would be two turkeys with an attitude!


  1. wilson6:50 PM

    looks like you guys are getting some nasty weather down your way...
    stay safe!!!

  2. I just HATE that when something spectacular like that occurs and I don't have my camera!!
    I try now to take it everywhere, even when Paul and I go for a neighborhood walk. I look like a tourist, but that's ok. ha
    I heard you guys are going to get a LOT of rain. We are expecting a snowstorm up here, although it seems they are getting more all around us today.

  3. Wilson, we had a LOT of rain and the Corp figures the reservoir will have come up 2' by the time the run off is done. Today it is sunny but only about 52 and going to be windy. The rest of the week looks good!

    Retired One, I'm going to get one of those rapid straps before we leave next year. That way I can carry my camera without it bouncing all over and still be able to take a shot on the fly!


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