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Monday, January 10, 2011


Remember the snow that we (around Atlanta) had for Christmas day?  The first white Christmas in over 136 years?  Well, it has happened again.

We received about 4-5 inches where we are and other places got more, some less.  However, on top of the snow we had freezing rain and sleet.  When we found out that they were dead serious about this event, we pulled our slide outs IN.  No sense taking a chance of getting all that weight on them and having something malfunction.

The TV stations have been on the air practically all night showing film clips and letting people know what is going on. Atlanta is really a mess on the side roads...there are hardly any road trucks for the country roads or suburban roads.  G-DOT in the Atlanta area  has a total of 8 plow trucks to spread sand on the highways.  There isn't anything they can plow now, because people HAVE still been on the major highways and what was snow with freezing rain on it is now a 6-8 lane ice rink.

And people just abandon their cars!  If they get someplace where they can't make any headway, like going up an incline, they walk away from their car and leave it there.  This obviously doesn't make it easy for G-DOT to even try to clean those roads.  Makes me wonder  how they think they will get back to those vehicles safely...if they aren't towed first.

The State Police will not be responding to accidents unless there is serious physical injury.  Their cars are not equipped for this kind of driving either.  ONE patrol car has some makeshift chains on the rear tires.

On a "more fun" side, people were flocking to the stores this weekend trying to find sleds (guess the cardboard doesn't last too long!).  What they were coming away with was plastic garbage can lids to use as saucer sleds.  One gal was filmed going down a hill in her laundry basket.

We've got the slide outs back out and there is a slight possibility of  more freezing rain/sleet through the day but it isn't supposed to amount to much.

Dan said next  year we are going to South America for the winter!


  1. Good luck! Maybe next year you should stay in good ol'Michigan...it always cracks me up when the snowbirds go south and the snow/cold weather goes right with them....it really isn't so bad here by Flint...other than chilly temps, not much snow...or maybe you guys should look at Arizona or New Mexico...Grand Canyon should be warm this time of year...

    Stay safe my friend!

  2. Amy, we're doing fine...we know enough to stay put! smile.... It is amazing how many people are still out in this when pretty much everything IS CLOSED. People are going around closed road barricade signs! There are some strange drivers out there.


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