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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We can say one thing for the TV stations in the area; they are giving you all the info you could possibly need as far as the road(s) situations.  Fortunately, Dan and I don't have to go anyplace.  It is still a mess in most places.  The film clips of all the backed up traffic and jackknifed semis put it in perspective.

I'm copying a portion of an email that I sent to my sister this a.m. (instead of retelling it)

We really feel sorry for the State, well MOST of the state is covered in ice yet and they are not prepared for it. GDOT doesn’t have plow trucks; they have 8 dump trucks that they put plows on. They haven’t even been able to start treating some of the other main streets so mayors of various cities are hiring private people to spread salt and use their plows. It is a real mess. The people stranded at the airport have run out of money (I guess ATM machines have too) so they can’t even buy airport food, so the USO which is at the airport has taken them in and started feeding them. But, then there are the 100-500 troops per day that have been coming back home and they are stuck, and there are troops still managing to get to the airport but they can’t leave. The USO ran out of food yesterday so a couple of businesses (didn’t catch the names) are bringing truck loads of food in. The airport finally has flights going out but the people who are trying to get to the NE coast can’t go because flights along that route have all been cancelled.

Greyhound will be resuming outbound service at noon today (lots of people stranded there) and shut it off again at 8 tonight.  Anything you can imagine that requires transportation has been at a standstill for 3 days.  Mail hasn't even been running.

So, other than that, not much going on.

Dan and I had a date Saturday.  It had to be a date.  At least we're calling it a date...and then we wonder how anyone can afford to date anymore than once every 6 months or so.  We went to the new Chronicles of Narnia in 3-D. 

Maybe once a season we'll go to the movie in Newberry.  Last time we went, it was $5.00 per person and popcorn was a reasonable price.  Candy was marked maybe 50 cents over what it would be out of the store.

We knew it was going to cost us $6.50 per person to go to the movies here and an extra $3.00 per person for the 3-D.  Dan decided he wanted popcorn.  I wasn't paying much attention till I heard her ask if he wanted the combo which was a big bag of popcorn and two large drinks.  He took her up on it before I could tell him what it was going to cost.  We could've gotten 3 of those hot and ready pizzas from Little Caesars and had a couple bucks left over for what it cost for that!!  So, our "date" came to $36.50!  Oh, and the candy was $3.50!  NO, I did not get any!

On Tuesdays they have popcorn and drinks for $1.00.  If we go back, it'll be on a Tuesday!  And stash some goodies in my kangaroo coat pockets!

THEN I heard on TV the Lippizzan stallions would be performing this Sunday at the arena in Duluth, Ga.  That isn't too far from us and wouldn't require us going any where near Atlanta.  And hopefully the roads will be thawed by then. 

When my daughter was about 6, I took her to see them perform at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek.  It was awesome.  Several years ago, Dan and I took the kids to see them at the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds.  That "troupe" wasn't nearly as impressive as the ones that had been in Battle Creek years before, but at least it gave people a taste of the majesty of these horses.

After hearing about the performance this coming Sunday, I went online to see about getting tickets.  It appeared there were 3 seats left at the arena...TO THE TUNE OF $150!  I really don't know if that was PER ticket or the cost for 2.  There was a drop down box to check to let them know what the minimum amount for a ticket you would be willing to pay.   THAT said $150 for the minimum so I'm thinking that price WAS per ticket! 

We didn't want to make a down payment on a horse; we just wanted to see them perform!  We'll probably be doing laundry Sunday....


  1. Stay home, pop your own micro popcorn, watch a movie or read to each other but stay off the roads. Not that you wouldn't know how to drive on them but those southerners don't have your experience! 'hugs from afar'

  2. Cher,we don't plan on going anyplace except tomorrow we have to drive about one mile and get one of our 30 # propane tanks filled up!


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