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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Do you remember these Allatoona Lake sunset shots I took this fall?



This is what it looks like now.

the Allatoona reservoir as of 12/31/10

the Allatoona reservoir as of 12/31/10

The change in the lake level hasn't been very noticeable until the past couple of weeks.  It is almost like you can see the water draining out of the reservoir.  It changes hour to hour now.

The Army Corp finally closed the boat ramp where we work so now we don't have a lot of anything to do except be "security" for this closed park.  There ARE people who do come in on the backside on their quads and they are not supposed to be in here.  We basically just report any property destruction and the like.  We aren't supposed to confront anyone.  And the way crime is in this area, I would NOT confront anyone!

We've been told that the boat ramps (more around the lake) will re-open in March.  They drain the reservoir so there is no flooding come spring time.  If you notice in the photos, there is NO vegetation in this part of the lake.  I was told that 'around the bend' and further up there is an area of the lake that has good vegetation in it.  I am surprised by the # of fishermen and women there have been in this area of the lake.  I wouldn't think the fishing would be that good without SOME vegetation.

Hope you had a happy and safe New Year.  We didn't do anything except laundry and grocery shopping.  And I bought a mouth guard.  I bite my tongue so hard during the night that I've got sore spots on it.  This has been a problem for me for years but it is getting worse.  It makes it hard to even talk because of where I have bitten it this past week...and of course when I'm eating because that part of my tongue has a spot on it that sticks out, then I'm biting it when I eat! 



  1. If it is i do not want to get any OLDER!Hope the new year is good to you and Dan!

  2. Tractor Guy, I am in such a deep sleep that I don't even realize it until I wake up and it hurts like hell! Happy NW to you two too!

  3. Gary / Battle Creek9:22 AM

    And a belated "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to all !

  4. Wow, it looks so barren it reminds me of a moon landing with water. h a
    Sorry to hear about your mouth problems...it hurts like H-E-double hockey sticks when that happens. And then of course then it swells and you do it AGAIN> Glad you hear you are getting warmer weather though...we'll be heading down in a few weeks! We had really warm weather and now our cold snap is back. Supposed to be 0 or below tonight.


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