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Sunday, January 09, 2011


As you know Dan and I enjoy feeding the birds and watching them.  We brought one of our squirrel proof bird feeders with us (yes it really does work).  After we arrived, we bought one of the bird food hanging logs and put that up too.

At the campsites at this particular Corp Park, they use what Dan and I would call heavy duty metal clothesline poles for hanging your lanterns on.  We use it for our bird feeder and apparently the others that stay here do too.

The workers who stay on this site in the summer time must've had issues with squirrels getting in the bird feed.  There is slimy evidence on the vertical part of the pole having had Vaseline smeared the entire length of it.   At one end of the horizontal part of the pole have been placed 2  plastic "rollers" that were made by cutting out both ends of pop bottles.  They must have worked because even though we have squirrels, we have not had an issue with them trying to shimmy up the pole.

The squirrels we have noticed seem very friendly, but they still are squirrels.

Here is a couple of photos of one of the friendly little guys (and we KNOW IT IS A GUY).

Isn't he kind of on the cute side?

Dan was tired of looking at those old plastic cut out bottles and was going to take them down, since we weren't having any issues with this little guy.  Oh, but I've forgotten to post the other photos....



Instead of taking the plastic rollers OFF the pole, Dan added an extra one!


  1. how a bout a picture of these rollers you are describing?

  2. Rob, just imagine a plastic pop bottle with both ends cut off. That's all these "rollers" are. And when the squirrel tries to scamper across them, they USUALLY roll and he falls off. Let me know if that helps or if it doesn't help. Thanks!

  3. Great pics! We wouldn't mind the squirrels but they sure can make little pigs of themselves. Especially those little red devils. 'hugs from afar'

  4. Yep, he's a cute little guy.

    I love that you travel with your bird feeder. That's awesome.

    xo jj

  5. Cher, you've got that right! The North Carolina wrens have been having their way with this "log" so I really don't want the squirrel(s) on it!

    Joanna, If we were going to be someplace there were hummingbirds, we'd take those with us too! We truly enjoy bird watching! Take care!

  6. They really are devils!! But cute ones!
    I never thought of using pop bottles..I will have to try that this year...but they climb on our deck anyway and I don't want to take our triple decker plate feeder down, so I guess we will have to keep shoo-ing them away!


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