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Monday, January 24, 2011


I didn't want it to just read a blessed event, but it is a BLESS-ed event.

Dan and I have some surprising news to share with all of you.  It is something that we weren't sure of; I mean would it be a good time for us, can we adjust our lives to this news?  What would people think??  All those kinds of questions that might go through one's head at our age.  And it all takes place in 9 months...

What is it??  I'll give you a clue....


It's been a very long time since either one of us has had to deal with midnight feedings, diaper changing, lack of sleep due to a baby...ALL THOSE THINGS THAT GO ALONG WITH A NEW LITTLE LIFE!

And you know what??!!!  IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN NOW EITHER!

Nope!!  The bless-ed event is the fact that we've got our position all set up at Piedmont NWR next fall/winter/spring.  And that excited baby is how I feel about it!! 

We still have to go through another background check, be finger printed and our references checked but unless something drastic has changed in our lives that I'm NOT aware of, there should be no issues there!

Dan and I are both very excited about this position and wish we could start NOW!  We should be getting the paperwork this week that we need to complete in order for them to perform the background checks on us, etc.

IT IS GOING TO BE A LONG 9 MONTHS!!  I will try not to bore you with it!



  1. That is good news for you and Dan, although I thought the baby would make for some very interesting blogs!

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    GEEZ!!! WAY TO SCARE SOMEONE!!! HA! congrats on the job!!

  3. You big tease-- Or should I say PHEW!!!! I saw that baby in my sidebar and ran right over to read. Ha!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Dan as you count the months away.

    xo jj

  4. Brenda, we are very excited about this position; more so than others that we've had. Summer can't go quickly enough!! BUT I'M GLAD WE ARE BEYONG THE BABY YEARS!!

    Anonymous, sorry 'bout that! NAH, not really! Thanks!

    Joanna, I don't know what we WOULD do if we found ourselves "with child" other than to sue one of Dan's Drs and one of mine! HA! Thanks!


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