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Monday, December 13, 2010


One of the TV channels we receive where we are now is RTV (Retro TV). There are a lot of OLD shows that have really made us think about “days gone by”.

An old rerun of Lassie was on the other night and both of us realized it wasn’t the first ‘Timmy’ that had initially been on the show. It was the 2nd Timmy. Funny that we remembered that.

But it brought back a lot of recollections of old TV shows and how at times families were lucky if they pulled in one or two TV stations on those great big old TV’s. I think even this was before UHF.

I don’t remember a time growing up where there was not a TV (black and white for a very long time) and Dan CAN remember NOT having a TV (he’s older than me!).

I remember Walter Cronkite bringing us the news, which at age 5-6 or so, I could have cared less about watching him or the news. But my neighbor playmates were not as fortunate as us and did not have a TV, much less a radio so they were fascinated by anything that was on that big old tube. I use to get upset and try to get them to come out and play, but they would set there enthralled with Walter Cronkite (and occasionally Soupy Sales).

Or how many times Dad made me watch Leonard Bernstein conducting his symphony. While I enjoyed spending time with my Dad on the living room floor, sometimes with a big pan of popcorn, I sure didn’t like that kind of music (but I found later in life that I DID like it, so thanks for that Dad).

I remember one time missing Lassie because I would not finish my spinach (don’t like it to this day). I had to set at the table until I finished that spinach (which I did not finish) or until Lassie was over. Lassie was over so I finally was able to leave the table and join Mom and Dad in the living room.

Occasionally I would spend the night or a couple of nights with one or the other set of grandparents and of course they each had their favorite shows to watch.

My Grandpa and Grandma First were big “Jackie Gleason Show” fans. They each had their favorite chair they would sit in and they would drag over this HUGE old black rocker for me so I could set between them. This rocking chair, as I remember, had a thick leather seat and part of the back was thick and was covered in leather. I swear it was at least 3’ wide. Two kids could easily fit in it. More often than not I would fall asleep in that rocker and one of them would have to wake me up in order to go to bed.

My other Grandparents each had their favorite TV show; Grandma Cora liked The Edge of Night and I THINK the Guiding Light (soap operas). Grandpa Leon liked to watch the fights. When either one of them was watching TV, the dark green shades were pulled down and the room was dim in the middle of the day…except for the glow from the TV screen. I remember Grandpa listening to fights on a big old radio too but I don’t remember if that was before they got a TV or if he just couldn’t get enough of the fights.

Of course there were other shows like Mr. Ed (a horse is a horse of course of course…shake any memories for ya??), Have Gun Will Travel, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, Rawhide, Guess My Line, I’ve got a Secret…remember any of THOSE??

Then colored TV was invented and boy we were off to the races! No one could believe their eyes. It was truly amazing and quite the event when the colored TV became affordable so almost everyone had a colored set (still large!)

The first “in color” movie I saw on TV was a western. I don’t remember the name of it, but I couldn’t get over the color of the Indian’s headdress feathers or the bright orange rocks and bluffs in the desert at sunset time. And it gave a whole new meaning to watching Walt Disney on Sunday nights. And then even Mr. Ed was in color as was Ed Sullivan and many others!

For you baby boomers or older, do you remember your first color TV experience?


  1. We must be on the same 'wave-length' again. Retro games in my post and retro T.V. in yours. Which by the way, we watch quite often on Direct tv. ... they have a lot of the 'oldies' channels from our youth. Hey how did that happen??!!

  2. when I was growing up my dad was a strict baptist and having a TV in the house was a sin or something...so although I am only 29 years old, i remember a lot of these shows because the only place I got to watch TV was when I went to my Grama's or someone's house. My grama and I used to watch the Golden Girls all the time, and i remember watching Mr Ed.....I still watch Have Gun Will Travel, and Rawhide on the Western Channel on Cable....

  3. I sure do, Cathy. We were the first ones on our block to have a color TV so we had all the kids over our house..and then when I was first married, we had the first DISH on the block and pulled in all the showtimes and HBO's and Playboy and Cinemax and Disney for FREE (before they charged to receive them...just had to pay for the dish and put it up)..we got East HBO and WEST HBO's etc so got double of all those pay channels and got them ALL...but no way to block the Xrated ones, so I had to watch the kids for sure. hahaaa
    I do remember those old shows, I used to hide behind a pillow because I would cry at each and every one of the Lassie shows..loved Red Skelton too!!

  4. Cathy, I use episodes of the Andy Griffith Show when working with middle school classes. The kids love the show as they are watching it for the first time.

    I don't remember my first color tv experience. But my favorite tv story is the television my parents got us for our wedding 40 years ago. They got it at Erickson Appliance in the Soo. We thought we were so cool because it had an instant on feature. The tubes were kept warm so that when you turned it on, there was no time needed to warm up the tubes and the picture came on instantly. We were so cool!

  5. Anonymous9:58 AM


    The same here on all the old shows. I do remember Rawhide the most since when the show was over it was time for bed. My dad would say, head'em up, move'em out..which was the song that always finished the show. That ment, time to go to bed.


  6. Jan on 44610:04 AM

    Great post Cathy! I remember so many of the oldies! The Arthur Godfrey Show, The Dick Van Dike show,
    To Tell The Truth and Michigan Out of Doors with Mort Neff, and Gunsmokem the list is too long to list! I think those old shows were better than the crap that is on now. Growing up we didn't have a TV until about 1956 and never did have a color TV. I also remember that we only had 3 channels to chose from and no remotes. Now we get 200 channels and most of it is advertising etc.

  7. To all that posted, It has been fun reading what YOU remember about the "olden days". Dan and I wish we could get TMC...we love the old black and white movies and I mean the OLD ones (not so far back that you have to read what the characters are saying though!)

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    One more thing, we didn't have to pay for the channels......unlike today.



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