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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Dan and I had a very good day yesterday. 

We took off in the morning to head towards the mountains of Georgia.  It was another gorgeous day.  I  knew if we didn't get there soon, the colors would all be gone.

The road to our destination was through the heart of apple country and every mile there was an apple farm enticing you to buy apples, cider, fried apple pies and anything to do with apples you could think of.  We knew we'd be hitting at least one of those on the way back through.  They all were so quaint looking with the Appalachian foothills as a background.

We finally reached our destination and paid our $5.00 entrance fee, found the visitor center and got the map we needed.  We were glad to see that we had a choice of DRIVING a very steep grade as opposed to walking it.  It was already warming up and neither one of us felt like traipsing 1 mile up the side of a "foot hill"  (looked like a mountain to me).

We arrived at the top and fortunately there was one place left to park.

We walked the short distance to the stream and thought "This is what we came to see?"

the beginning of the falls

But a little further up, we crossed a footbridge that went over the top of the water falls that this little stream created.  There was also a sign that said "575 STEPS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE FALLS.  DIFFICULTY; STRENUOUS". 

That meant if there was 575 steps DOWN, there was 575 steps back up.  How desperate were we to see these falls??  Sometimes it isn't the steps DOWN that bother me, but coming back up can be a real chore...especially since I have a depth perception problem with these type of "grid" style steps.

Then we remembered that a bit up the road, we passed a viewing area that was handicap accessible.  I checked the map and it was .3 of a mile level walk to the falls.  We opted for that.  Once we had walked the .3 of a mile we were at the "middle" of the falls.  The bottom of it was still another 175 steps down!

We kept going further down, hoping to get that perfect photo.  But by the time we had practically reached the bottom, there wasn't any way to see the top!  These are the falls that keep on going and going.  Actually I think I did read they are the tallest water fall in the Southeast.

So out of all the photos I took, here are a few of the batch that I did keep;

Amicalola falls

Amicalola Falls

Amicalola falls

So, this is Amicalola Falls!

After all of that exercise and feeling good that we'd made the journey without a heart attack, we stopped at one of the apple farms on the way back.  I've never seen so many apples in one place!  We ended up with a bag of yellow delicious for $5.00 (I think it was a peck but can't remember).  And of course we had to get some fried pies....I got apple and Dan got peach.  They were so good and replaced all those calories we had burned up on our hike to the falls.  That fried pie made my thighs feel more normal too.

The following photo is just something I thought was pretty.  It wasn't one of the apple farms, but just needed to be photographed.



  1. Gary / BC,MI11:37 AM

    Great pix ! I have NO depth perception either (legally blind in one eye), going down is harder than up for me. Sports arenas are a real pain. That pie sounds real good with coffee !

  2. Gary, thanks!!! I'm not glad to "see" (no pun intended) that I'm not the only one who has trouble with steps! And the pie would have tasted good with coffee or a cold glass of milk!

  3. Wow Cathy-- You should send these pictures to the Chamber of Commerce or the Visitors Bureau-- They're gorgeous. What a beautiful place.

    The mention of fresh apple cider has my mouth watering. There's nothing better!

    Safe travels and enjoy the view.
    xo jj

  4. Joanna, Thanks!!! I'm sure they get a LOT of photos to chose from but I appreciate the sentiments! We are enjoying the views!!

  5. Those falls are fantastic...a photographer's dream!! And that hill of color with the pastoral scene is equally beautiful.

  6. All those steps wouldn't have worked for me at all... too many knee surgeries. BEAUTIFUL pictures though ~ thanks for sharing!!


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