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Thursday, October 21, 2010


(Yes, song aficionados, that line is in a song you can identify, right??)

We finally have had two complete nights in our new digs.  We're finding places to put things, but don't know if we'll actually ever find those things again when we want them. 

Dan's having a hard time remembering which light switch goes to which set of lights and "what is this button for?"  We've had a lot of those conversations.  But we're getting the hang of it and we DIDN'T NEED TO CALL ANONYMOUS STEVE TODAY!  (Did ya miss me, Steve??)

The night that we went to Outback with Steve, Dan and I were both pretty tired by the time we got back to where we were camped.  Good food can do that to ya, and we had had a busy day.  I went to bed around 9 p.m. and I went right to sleep.  I was zoned out SOLID. The sandman had been beating on me for quite some time already so laying down and closing my eyes was a blessing.

Dan decided to stay up and watch a little TV.  He was having FOX News withdrawals (actually I think it was just TV in general but he swears it was FOX news...which he couldn't get anyway).  But he managed to find something to watch.

I think I'd been in bed and to sleep for about an hour when suddenly the ground started shaking and the 5th wheel was moving.  I sat straight up in bed and said "WTF is that??  Are you all right, Dan?"  About the same time DAN said "What the hell was that??"  I could tell he was right beside the bed.  AND about that same time the earth stopped moving and shaking and all was calm.

I asked him, as calmly as I could for being startled awake, "What WERE you doing?"  Poor old Dan replied "I was trying to turn the damn light on so I could see what I was doing!"  THE LIGHT SWITCH TO THE BEDROOM IS RIGHT ABOVE THE SWITCH TO THE BEDROOM SLIDE OUT!  He had hit that one instead!

It wasn't about 30 seconds later he removed the night light from the bathroom and put it in the bedroom.

Tonight we are in a nice park near Crittedon, Ky.  Our 5th wheel doesn't have outside levels on it so we have a regular level we can use to see if we're level all the way around, BUT Anonymous Steve has a better way of leveling an RV.  It involves pouring a glass of wine as soon as you get set up, but not leveled yet.  You drink your wine at your leisure.  Enjoy the time of not being on the road.  Have another glass of wine.  Maybe go outside and take a walk around your RV and see if everything looks good from the outside.  If it looks good, go pour yourself another glass of wine and contemplate what you plan on doing tomorrow (besides taking a coupleof aspirin).  If by now the wine bottle is empty it is time to level the RV.  And by now, you really shouldn't care if it IS level.

Well, we THOUGHT about trying that but it appears we are in a dry county!  So we resorted to using a level instead. 

Don't worry Steve, eventually we'll give it a go!


  1. Love the wine idea....!
    and, I knew Dan "rocked your world" but I didn't know that meant closing you up in one of the RV slides! First I thought you were going to tell me you had an earthquake. ha
    Sounds like the mattress in this one is much better than your last one!

  2. Gary / Battle Creek9:01 AM

    Would that song be "Wild Thing" by The Troggs ? Try replacing the light switch with one with a pilot light, switch light is on when bedroom light is off....did that to my bedroom light switch in house.

  3. Retired One, yes so far this mattress does seem better than the other one. But it's still not easy making the bed! I have to stand with my feet pointed in opposite directions in order to get on my side to make my side!

    Gary, You got it! I thought you were MIA; hadn't heard from you in a while! At least you didn't blow up the house!


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