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Saturday, October 02, 2010


I fixed a 14 pound turkey yesterday complete with home made stuffing.  The main reason was we were both  hungry for home made stuffing and the turkey left overs will make good sandwiches.  We didn't have all the usual trimmings to go with it; just some mashed potatoes, gravy and corn.

I think the worst thing about all of this is the clean up part.  I have a very nice roasting pan with a heavy duty rack.  The whole thing is SUPPOSED to be non-stick.  If I used this pan more than once a year, I most likely would use the pressure washer on it to clean it or throw it out!  NEXT time I use it, I'm going to line the whole thing, rack and all, with foil.  The pan nor the rack fit in the sink so it is really a challenge to clean them thoroughly.

Dan is the man for getting all the meat off the turkey bones so we've got a nice platter of meat and the blue-jays, crows and ravens will have a feast today with all the "other stuff".

Today and tomorrow are supposed to be very cold, windy and rainy.  But next week is supposed to be more like mid September temps and sunny!  I think that by the middle of next week we can consider a lot of our fall colors (in our areas) past peak.  The wind is taking a lot of leaves off the trees and the colors really couldn't get any prettier than they are right now.

Dan is getting ready to move the 5th wheel out where he can get it all washed up and I can get it swept out prior to us taking off to trade it in.  I told him at least he won't have any bugs to wash off from it since it has been sitting still for the past 6 months.  We had it all cleaned up before we parked it but he wants to make it spic and span.  Maybe he thinks going down the road it won't get dirty again??

This weekend is the Oktoberfest in Newberry, so if you are in the area, pay a visit to the "doings"!


  1. Anonymous7:00 AM

    They make bags to bake turkeys in. My mom uses them at Thanksgiving, and it makes cleaning up way easier. I also think it holds the juices in and makes the meat more moist [or less dry].

  2. Anonymous, we use to use those bags. I'm not sure why we stopped using them, but I may keep that in mind!

  3. All of our leaves are gone too! I miss them already.
    I know what you mean about the turkey roaster...
    I tried something new last year and it helped...
    When I got most of the baked on stuff off, I put soapy water in it overnight along with ONE DRYER SHEET..I had read it in a magazine. By morning, you pour out all of the liquid and it really does raise off the bottom all that sticky stuff..there was NONE left adhered to the bottom. You are welcome. Just call me Heloise. haaa


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