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Monday, October 25, 2010


We finally arrived in Georgia yesterday afternoon.  Since our home base won't be ready till Wednesday, we are staying at McKinney Campground which is another Corp park on Lake Alltoona.

We have a beautiful campsite on the water.  After we got set up yesterday, all we did was sit outside and admire the scenery...well into the evening and after dark.  There are bluebirds, chickadees, herons, nuthatches and some other little birds that I am not sure what they are.

It was 82 degrees yesterday and didn't cool off too much last night, but there is a nice breeze off the lake.  About 5 a.m. this morning it started sprinkling so we had to shut the windows.  Then the wind started blowing.  Those wonderful, HUGE pine cones started pelting our new 5th wheel! They make a lot more noise when hitting the 5th wheel than they do when they hit the ground.  I'm sure Dan will have to get up there and push them off before we can leave.

But then, maybe he won't....maybe the tornadoes that are predicted for tonight will remove them for us.  GREAT.  Perfect weather all the way here and now they predict tornadoes for tonight...and hail!

Dan thinks it is going to be a LONG winter; he can only get 3 channels on the TV.  One is a cooking channel and the others, well, I won't tell you what he called them.  I assured him that I brought the chess board, 2 decks of cards, the dice so we can play Greedy, brought the Phase 10 dice game and Uno-Rummy up.  That didn't impress him.

Well, I guess I better get the weather radio set up and tuned in.  I HOPE that Linda was joking when she emailed tornadoes for tonight.


  1. I heard about the tornadoes, hard winds and rain on the news and wondered if they were around the area where you were! OH NO!~ Hope there is no dent damage from any hail you might get on your new baby....
    we are supposed to get high winds here over the next 3 days too!
    Your warmer weather sounds wonderful so I hope the storm misses you completely.

  2. Gary H. / Battle Creek9:28 PM

    no hockey on t.v......i'm stayin' here ! Good luck with that weather.


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