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Saturday, October 30, 2010


My song aficionados have missed a couple of lyrics but they have gotten the titles right on other ones that I used titles....so what is this line from??

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The temps required a sweatshirt with a T-shirt underneath. Haven't had to get out the longies yet!

In the afternoon, we took a drive to the Allatoona Dam and to the Etowah River (which is what you see here). While there ARE a lot of pines, there are also a lot of other trees. In some places the colors are just coming on and in others, the trees are losing their leaves.

There were a lot of ducks and geese on the river and I had 4 dead batteries in my camera. The other batteries were back in the truck. Never fails! Of course, it would help if I would pay closer attention to the little icons my camera shows me to tell me it's getting close to time to change me!

After that we found the Mexican restaurant, Las Palmas, which I don't have a clue if that really means anything. I have enough trouble with English, but I DO know the words Chicken Chimichanga and fried ice cream.

The restaurant was decorated to look very authentically Mexican, well, except for the HUGE spider webs and fake spiders hanging around (we keep forgetting it is close to Halloween...hard not to forget with reminders like this and all the Halloween candy in the stores...and across the aisle is already the Christmas candy!!). For appetizers, we were brought a big bowl of guacamole, another bowl of melted white cheese, two bowls of salsa and a big bowl of warm chips. You may recall from our trip to Texas that Dan thinks guacamole looks like baby poop and "I'm not eating any of that stuff"....but he did eat it a couple of different times. AND yesterday, he was dunking chips into that guacamole like he'd become addicted to it. Of course he said he didn't want me to eat it alone.

I brought half of my chimi home because I was saving room for the fried ice cream. I asked her to bring two spoons because it really is more than one person can eat if you've already have as much to eat as we had.

It was brought out on a huge plate with the fried ice cream in it's little cinnamon shell in the middle of the plate. They had drizzled chocolate all over the fried ice cream and the plate to make it look decorative...WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF CHOCOLATE!!! Just put it in ONE spot so a person can get it without making a spectacle of themselves!

Yesterday, Dan got the "bee cover" put over the furnace vents. We had noticed bees starting to hang around and figured we better get that on. Not much on the schedule for today other than getting the tire covers on and the jacks put under the living room/dining room slide out. I'm hoping Dan gets the grill out today so he can start cooking outside. I don't mind cooking, but the stove in our 5th wheel is different from any I've ever seen before. There are the normal 3 gas burners, but only the front one has different settings as far as high down to low. The back two have one setting...high. I've never seen that before. It makes cooking interesting. And you know I like interesting!

Our excitement for today includes going to Acworth to pick up a package that wouldn't fit in the mailbox here. Hmmmm....I guess we'll find out later what it is! One time I had to go pick up a package in Newberry PO that wouldn't fit in OUR big mail box and it was a HUGE box of Christmas chocolates from "one of your trail report readers". I never did find out who that was! Not sure why someone wouldn't want to take credit for that!

Catch ya later!
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  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Las Palmas = The Palms

  2. Gary H / BC, MI9:10 AM

    "Blue skies, sunshine" are from "Lazy Day" by Spanky & Our Gang from 1967. Maybe that mail is your green onions.....lol.

  3. Anonymous, thanks for the translation!

    Gary, you got it!! Maybe it IS our missing onions!


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