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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! (OK, music people...do you know where that came from??)

This rain is getting pretty depressing!  At this rate we'll have to pump down the sewage lagoon before we take off in October!  Everything is saturated.

Dan had hopes of getting the campground roads graded to fill in some of the holes from summer traffic but it hasn't stopped raining long enough to do that.

It sounds like for the immediate area anyway, this weekend wasn't that great.  Curtis always has their Art on the Lakes over Labor Day weekend.  This is kind of like an art fair where people can display and sell their art, their photos, crafts, etc.  They pay a pretty penny (I think I was told it is $300 to rent a space) in advance to have their display area.  There were several artists that didn't even show up which everyone attributed to the weather, and of course they don't get their $$ returned to them.

One of our friends who is an avid photographer (and sells a lot of photos) said that when he went back to his "tent" on Saturday morning, that his tent was a shambles and all the poles were broken.  Fortunately, he had taken all of his photos with him the night before.

And poor Dan; yesterday he had to get down in the lift station because one of the pumps was plugged.  He heard the alarms going off back there the day before, which was Labor Day.  He went back and checked it and figured it was a plugged pump.  This pretty much always requires either getting a septic tank pumper outer in here to pump that down as far as possible or getting two strong men to help Dan pull the pump from the top side (since Dan can't really do any heavy lifting anymore). Since we usually get Troops here in the fall to pump it down so Dan can "clean" the lift station, he figured he might as well do it yesterday.

He finally was able to crawl down in there (with his waders on and elbow high rubber gloves) to see what was going on with that pump.  He had a heck of a time removing the object, but it was a damn dish rag!!!  WHO flushes stuff like that down the drain/toilet at home????  So, it really was a $150.00 dish rag!!  ARRGGHH!!!  But at least the lift station has had it's "cleaning" for the season and HOPEFULLY some jerk or jerkess doesn't do that again!  This happens at least once a  year, but usually it is someones latex gloves or feminine products.  One time the drain opener guy actually got a piece of braided rug out of the dump station sewer line!  It took him about 90 minutes to snake it out so that was an expensive visit too.  There is a trash can right by the dump station asking people to dispose of their latex/rubber gloves or other objects associated with dumping in that trash can and asking all others to take their regular garbage to the dumpster, which is all of 100' away.  There are appropriate containers in the women's room for "things" but we find "things" AND diapers plugging up the system.  DO PEOPLE DO THIS AT HOME???

It is expected to be a cool week and cloudy most of the time, so this is the kind of weather we start thinking about home made soup or steaming dishes of chili.  I've got a batch of soup simmering on the stove for supper and I'm thinking about making my chocolate chip pecan pie.  Dan is having his annual blood work done today so he deserves some cholesterol when he gets home!

Catch up with ya later!


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Over Labor Day I attended a family reunion in Curtis and even with the weather, three cars of us went to the art and music festival in Curtis. The art was great and music fantasic. What a great set up. The vendors were thanking us for showing up. We all supported the festival in buying items. I'll mention the music again, it was great, how enjoyable to walk around the vendors and listen to the music. Really enjoyed ourselves.

    Cathie - Traverse City

  2. Cathie, I'm glad that there were people that were still trying to support the local event(s). The older photographer gentleman said he has never seen this low of attendance in the umpteen years that he has been showing his photos. So thanks to you and your family for supporting the Curtis area! I'm sure it is greatly appreciated and maybe it wasn't as bad of a "disaster" as a couple of participants have told me it was.

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    We stayed at the rivermouth campground by Paradise, part of the state park system and it was a muddy mess. We left a day early. We had planned on attending the Curtis event but we were soaked. I think it is time to move up to an rv instead of a tent.

  4. Anonymous4:29 PM

    We were in the area too over the weekend and a lot of our plans got changed due to the weahter. We had planned on tenting but ended up in a nice motel in Newberry (you didn't have any cabins availabel or we would have staed with you!). Even getting across the bridge on labor day wasn't as bad as it has been inyears past so I'm thiking maybe the attendence was down for that too??

    Dick from Indiana

  5. 1st Anonymous, I heard some other parks were pretty muddy too. This is why we don't allow rugs or mats on the ground so we can KEEP grass so things don't get all muddy. Sorry your plans were changed, but hopefully you still had a good time!

    Anonymous from Indiana, Next year, phone ahead and hopefully you CAN stay here! I read there were 40,000 bridge walkers which I think last year they had 50,000 but I'm not sure.


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