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Monday, September 06, 2010


You could have fooled us that this was actually Labor Day weekend.

Do you have days when it doesn't seem like it is Saturday but maybe feels more like it should be Thursday?  That is how Dan and I have felt SINCE Thursday.  There wasn't the excitement, the rush, the feeling of it being the last big camping weekend of the season.

That probably had something to do with the monsoon weather we were having.  I don't think I have ever seen it rain so much or so hard as it did most of this weekend!  And the wind!!! WOW!!  I read that Lake Michigan was experiencing "near hurricane force winds".  I bet that would have been something to see.  We had OUR fair share of strong wind too which made it rain sideways.  Guests said that the rain pelting against their faces felt like thousands of pin pricks.

We had tent campers trying to set up tents between the downpours and the high winds.  Sometime around 9 p.m. Friday night, we saw one of our guests go driving out with his trailer hooked on behind his truck...and it was pelting rain and the wind was horrible (he left a couple of days earlier than he was expected to).  We found out Saturday that Muskellunge State Park had evacuated their camping guests AND their RVs (on Friday night) due to the horrendous wind coming in off from Muskellunge Lake.  The DNR officers had these guests park in the parking lot of the high school as well as the parking lot at the little shopping center.  As it was, we understand there are RV's with trees on top of them at the Muskellunge State Park.  Yep, it was quite a storm!

Fortunately we didn't have any damage here (other than a few cancellations earlier in the week due to the upcoming weather forecast for this past weekend).  BUT, when I went out to check the bathhouse and unlock the laundromat Saturday morning, I saw one pop up with it's awning flipped up over the top of the pop up, all the decorative outside lights they had strung up were no where to be seen, their flag pole was down and I didn't see the American flag anyplace.  At another campsite I saw their little orange colored BBQ grill, tripod legs and all, about 5' off the ground, stuck up on the branches of a fir tree (we saw them throw it in the dumpster later).  People who rented the group tent site opted to sleep IN the pavilion instead of trying to set up their tents (lots of little kids in this group).  Yep, didn't seem like Labor Day weekend.

At least yesterday was a decent day so people could get out and see the sights and those that we talked with are having a good time despite the weather.

How was your Labor Day weekend??


  1. Friday night:r&r
    Saturday:gutted out the truck camper
    Sunday:The wife and i went for a tractor ride to warm up for the Big Mac ride.

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    We were going camping this weekend but changed our plans once we saw the weather report. And the rest of the week isn't looking too good either. I wonder what the turn out was for the bridge walk this year?

  3. Today would be a good day to spend sometime under a blue tarp with a good book!

  4. Anonymous, I think a lot of people changed their plans. But, there is still the whole month of September and fall colors coming up!

    Tractor Guy, I'm trying to save my books to take with us for winter reading! But maybe just me getting under a tarp with Dan would suffice!

  5. Hey Cathy, Sorry you had such nasty weather but so glad you didn't have any damage. Maybe you'll get lucky and get an unexpected super warm weekend or two in September/October.

    We've had the craziest weather this summer. The only week it was really warm was when we were on the East coast, which was having one of they (finally) decent weather weekends. I don't know if it's global warming or what, but it's been a weird weather year across the country.

    Are the leaves starting to turn colors yet?

    Cheers, jj

  6. I thought about you and your campers that night, Cathy...it was really windy here too and it is tonight too.
    The cold weather and rain must really be hitting the campgrounds in a negative way. I went to Marquette today on some errands and they must have all headed there..wow was the traffic bad and the stores were PACKED. Felt like Xmas shopping time! Bad weather sends folks to the malls, I guess!

  7. Joanna, I think all over the world has had unusual weather. But we were blessed with very wonderul summer weather (except for those hot days and high dewpoints!). The weather affected a lot of things in our area this weekend.

    Retired one, Maybe folks WERE Chrismas shopping! At times, the rain DID look like snow here!


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