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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've had several emails (people to shy to post I think) about finding the right bra and what all we women go through to look good and still be comfortable.  Do any men out there have this issue with finding the right "drawers"??  I doubt it.  How about the right T-shirt?  Jeans??  I've never heard a guy ask "do these jeans make my butt look big?"  (except on that commercial from a couple of years ago).  Do men worry about the right shoes to match the right outfit?  The right purse to go with the right color of clothing or the season??  (Honestly, you know these are things that I don't worry about.  As of two days ago, I have two pair of casual shoes and my old, flat dress shoes.  I own two purses and a fanny pack for those times I may be at Cedar Point)

I guess there are some "getting older" issues for men and what they do to try to look good.  There are commercials for hair products to cover up the grey (for men's use only), there's a new "T-shirt" that acts like a girdle shoving the love handles and tummy INWARD (but seriously, where does that excess fat go?  Up under the arm pits? Does that man then have man boobs??  How attractive is that gonna be??).  But even those two things were geared towards women before they were men, right?  Hair coloring  (cover up that grey!!) and girdles...been around for a LONG time. 

So, men, let's hear from you....what is YOUR side of the story? 


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    My wife does all my shopping so whatever she gets is what I wear! So far it's worked out well that way becuae I don't have a clue!

  2. The other things guys rarely do? leave comments to a survey. ha

  3. I do all my shopping at TSC.

  4. Gary H.5:44 AM

    Don't forget Lowes and Menards. Oh, and the Craftsman dept. at Sears.

  5. Anonymous, Dan doesn't know his sizes or what to buy so you aren't alone!

    Retired one...ya got that right!

    Tractor Guy, Well, maybe you can find flannel undies there??!!

    Gary, and these stores make you look good and feel comfy, right??


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