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Sunday, August 01, 2010


Thursday was my last check up with the orthopedist for my knee. He thinks I’m doing as well as I should be and explained the rubbery feeling in my thigh as caused by favoring that leg and losing strength in that thigh. He gave me a couple of suggestions on things to do to help strengthen it. He isn’t surprised that there is still swelling and figures I could have yet for another 3 weeks…depending on what I do.

So that was the good news for the day!!

The bad news was when I got home (my appointment time was at 10:40, and I finally got in around noon, got home about 12:45) Dan said that the computer monitor wouldn’t “light up”. I figured it was just because he’d forgotten he needed to move the mouse to make the monitor wake back up. Nope, nothing that easy. There it was, just faintly blinking at us. You could hardly see what was actually on the monitor. There is no place short of going to the Soo to get a monitor so that is what Dan had to do….run all the way to the Soo for a new monitor (the other one WAS pushing the heck out of 8 years old).

Without my monitor I couldn’t enter reservations or register guests so Dan’s trip to the Soo seemed to take an eternity. I am SO very lucky he is so good about things like this. But on the other hand, HE wouldn’t want to have to be in the office while I made a trip to the Soo. 76 miles one way can seem like 276 miles when you really don’t want to be going in the first place. But, as I’ve told ya, he is a trooper. He realized that we were stuck until I could get a monitor. I think we all usually worry about something going wrong with our computers, not our monitor!

Force of habit would make me sit down at the desk, stare at a spot where the monitor USE to be and then look foolishly at the person I was trying to check in saying “Whoops! I forgot! I don’t have a monitor right now!”

This is a nice monitor but the manual is on a CD that came with it which is a REAL pain because it takes you to AOC’s website and if you want to do any adjustments on your monitor’s colors or fonts or whatever, you have to keep going between the online manual and back to the monitor. So by the time you push the appropriate button on the monitor and then get back to the manual to see what you are supposed to do next, the little window that opened up when you pushed the button has closed.

I want a printed manual. TRUE, I COULD print one off their website, but it won’t allow you to select the text you want to print and I don’t need all those advertisements and what not that is on the sides of the “pages”. I guess I’m just getting harder to please as I get older! Or not as quick on the draw!

You’d think for $175.00 they could include a PRINTED manual! There weren’t even any written directions on how to put it together or how to decide which cable you needed OR even where to turn it on. And after you figured out where to turn it on and nothing happened, you had to hunt around and press other little buttons until a little box opened up (and disappeared before you had a chance to figure out what it said). As I recall there was a choice of something like D-Sub or VD-something or other. I just took a guess and hit the letter D on the keyboard and my monitor finally came to life! And no explanation what so ever as to what that is all about. AND you couldn’t get the CD manual to even PLAY until you could get the monitor to “light up”. Are you following all of this??? ARRGGGHHH…. It reminds me of an old song that goes something like this;

THE MUSIC GOES ROUND AND ROUND, WHOA-OO-OOOO AND IT COMES OUT HERE. Don’t ask me why it reminds me of that, but that was all I could think of while I was trying to remain calm and collected!

(UPDATE!!!  AOC was kind enough to send me a PDF file of the manual!  I can print what I need without all the ads!  Thank you AOC!)


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    I never would have thought about a monitor giving out! Mine's getting quite old but didn't think I needed a new monitor when I got the new computer last year!

  2. Anonymous, that is what I did too! I got a new desktop computer last fall and figured I didn't need to spend the extra bucks for a monitor. I guess I should have done it then; it was a package deal and wouldn't have cost so much. Live and learn!

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Now this would never happen to a Man. We would get a new monitor every couple of years. This way we could brag about our "NEW" graphics and show photos to our buddies. ggg

  4. It totally frustrate me that 'owners manuals' aren't included anymore. .. all on line. Well, I got a new laptop this year and it too only has the manual online. Well, if I am having problems I probably won' be able to use the computer to look it up! ... come on, seems like good customer service would be to provide a manual.

  5. Anonymous, NOW that I have a PDF version of the manual, I too can tweek and colorize and brag!!! :-)

    Raenne, EXACTLY what you said! THAT is the issue with these online/on cd manuals! If something is wrong with your computer (or monitor!) you are SOL!

  6. Wow..what a hassle! So glad you got it up and running again...hope you didn't lose out on any reservations from the ordeal.

  7. So glad to hear the doc is giving your knee a thumbs up. Keep up the good work.

    Computer problems is such a pain in the behind. And no printed manual doesn't help one bit!

    Hang in there, jj

  8. Retired One, people were patient about it and I returned a BUNCH of phone calls when I got up and running again!

    Joanna, I was pleased too! Now I need to work on going down steps like a normal person!


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