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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, the deposit was sent out in the mail yesterday (gulp) and we're having visions of how things will pack in the Greystone once we get it. 

Here are some more photos!

 1st photo shows the outside (obviously!!) of the Greystone.
 2nd photo is a shot of the bedroom.  There is actually a dresser instead of a cupboard!  And the closet has a shelf on top of the clothesrack and clothing will actually hang in there without dragging on the floor.  There are little storage spots in the closet too (hard to see from the photo).  The closet has two sliding doors, each covered in a mirror.  I'm guessing the doors are 4' wide by 5' high (so that could be a big expense if we break either mirror!!  And many years of bad luck!!)  The little shelf in the upper corner is for a TV.
 The 3rd shot is looking down from the bedroom into the lower level (seeing the kitchen in this shot)
 This is part of the kitchen. There are nice, heavy duty cupboards above with SHELVES!!  A built in microwave.   The sink has covers that match the rest of the counter top.  It's kind of like granite but it isn't.  There is a shelf on the very end that you can sit up or down (as it is in the photo)
My flash didn't go off when I took the photo of the dining room and living room area.  Under each chair pad is storage. The table has a leaf on this end that you can pull out.  You can open the table up and there is storage  under the table top.  The couch is a queen size air bed (has it's own "filling equipment").

We're mentally packing!!!


  1. Oooh la la! Wow, fit for a king and queen! So jealous. This one is gorgeous! When do you leave and where are you going this time around?

  2. DVM's Wife...HA! I don't know about a king and queen but good enough for the two of us! And HOPEFULLY the last one we buy for a LONG time! We plan on leaving here mid October and headed to work N. of Atlanta, Ga for the Army Corp.

  3. Congratulations!! It looks gorgeous! I bet you are dreaming of adventures to come now that you decided on your castle on wheels!

  4. Very nice!!! I want one.what model # is it?

  5. Retired One, considering how many unhappy, picky campers there have been this year, closing time can't come soon enough!!

    Tractor guy, it is the 32RL. Heartland only started making the Greystones in 2010 and I think there are 3 models of them.


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