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Thursday, August 05, 2010


This Yarn is being written due to the post my blogger buddy at http://www.thefiftyfactor.com/ had on her blog today. It was about her desire for a microwave oven and ending up with a set of golf clubs instead. If you haven’t read her posts, you are missing out.

But first, I have a question for you….

Ah….do you smell that??? No? inhale a little more deeply…

The night before it was so hot, we basically ate ice chips for supper and a couple of hours later followed it up with a platter of nachos. It was SUPPOSED to have been BLT’s on toast but IT WAS SO HOT NEITHER ONE OF US WAS HUNGRY.

So that fantastic aroma you smell is apple wood smoked bacon. We had the BLT’s last night. You probably can’t smell the cherry cheesecake because that is in the fridge for later.

It wasn’t quite as hot here yesterday but still hot enough you don’t want to just stand around in the sun. Last night  there is a cold front coming through so temps will be in the 70’s today!  Now that’s my idea of a cold front!

But I digress; back to the story of the colored golf balls.

There is a yard game that some campers call Snake Toss, some call it Ladder Golf or Hillbilly Golf and others refer to it as Polish Horseshoes. Dan and I didn’t want to be politically Incorrect, so WE call it Yooper Shoes. We have found that many of the guests we have don’t know what those “white ladder type things” are out in the campground.

So, we explain it to them the best we can, give them a copy of the rules and let them sign out the pink and yellow golf balls. So Joanne, you should have kept those balls!! THIS is what you could do with them!

The following is the rules for “da shoes”


1. The first player or team to reach the score of 21 EXACTLY or it is negative points. For example; if you have 19 points, you MUST get 2 points to win. If you get 3 points (or more), they count negative (subtract from your score), so your score now would be 16 (19 minus 3). Then you can go forward again.

2. The object is to toss the “shoes” onto the fence (which is about 30’ from you) and have the “shoes” curl or hang onto the horizontal rung. The top rung is 1 pt, the middle rung is 2 pts and the bottom rung is 3 pts.(If playing in teams, one team stands at one end of the playing area and tosses to the fence at the other end of the playing area… & visa versa)

3. Should a player’s “shoes” curl, wrap or hang onto a rung AND around the post, then the player (or team) is awarded 3 additional points for the rung made.

4. Should a player (or team) toss all three “shoes” onto the same rung, 3 additional points are awarded. The team may elect to not take the additional points if it would make them go over 21 points.

5. There is NO SCORE when any part of the “shoe” touches the ground prior to landing, curling, hanging or wrapping around a rung (in other words if it bounces off the ground and onto a rung, etc, there is no point awarded).

And this is a photo of what the ladder looks like.

What you need to make ladders

• 44 feet of 3/4" PVC pipe ( or 1" PVC)

** you’ll generally buy 5, 10ft pieces

• 12 L connectors – 3/4" elbows

• 12 T connectors – 3/4" tees

• saw or pipe cutter

• PVC glue ( optional )

Cutting the PVC pieces

• Cut 14, 2ft pieces of PVC pipe

• Cut 16, 1ft pieces of PVC pipe

• Cuts can be made with the cutting device of your choice.

** hand saw, table saw, jig saw, etc.

• Rough edges from cuts can be lightly sanded, if you choose.

Assembling the PVC Pieces

• Connect the cut pieces with the T and L (elbow) connectors

• The 2-ft pipes will be used for the back footprint as well as the ladder rungs.

The front footprint doesn’t need to be as long as the back because all the force is coming from the front. (A footprint is what is holding the game up)

• No need to use PVC glue. For transport, it’s easier to have the option of disassembly.

** Some people will glue everything together except for the base to ladder connection. That leaves to pieces of similar size, easy for hauling.

Making the shoes

• You will need 12 golf balls. Paint 6 one color and 6 another color. (HINT we buy colored golf balls)

• Drill a hole going through the center of each golf ball (HINT, make sure you don’t have OLD golf balls that have a liquid center!!).

• You will need 6 – 18inch pieces of nylon rope.

• Thread the rope through the holes that you previously drilled.

• Place a golf ball at each end of the rope.

• Tie a knot right in front of and behind the ball to hold it secure.

• Use a match or a lighter to slightly melt the knot. This will help the knot stay tied.

** If you made your holes a little big, you may want to wind the rope through the knot twice to make the knot a little bigger so that it won’t pull back through the holes.

So, while our unsuspecting guests are out trying this game for the very first time, we are inconspicuously watching them at play. We have learned to NOT place the ladders near windows or under trees. We no longer let children sign the golf ball “shoes” out. The reason for that is more than once we have seen a kid purposely bean another kid ON THE HEAD with the end of the rope…from which the golf ball hangs! Ya don’t get extra points for that move!

Try it!  You might like it!!!  Especially after a couple of beers!


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM


    Many years ago my neighbor built one of these.....I was soon to follow. You couldn't buy them anywhere back then. I remember saying....I should market/sell these things. Needless to say, I didn't or I'd be rich and retired and living in DA UP.

    Dave Steffee

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    That was an eye catching title for your post today! We have played this before but didn't even know there were rules for scoring! But maybe it was because of the 6 pack of beer we just didn't care!


  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Can't be a Yooper game!!
    > No wood used.
    >No used parts.
    >No BEER.

  4. ha ha ha....my husband and his rather redneck family refer to it as hillbilly horseshoes, and in fact my husband made one of these afore mentioned games ago couple weeks ago, and now has orders from a few friends for one for each of them...lol...it cost us roughly 14 bucks for the pipe, and the cost of spray paint, which we already had...that's what ya call cheap entertainment...

  5. Anonymous Dave, you STILL could make a killing making these things! Or give them out for gifts!

    Anonymous Jeff, I thought that might perk up some eyebrows!! Me, I'm a wine gal! Or Schnapps if the weather is cold!

    Anonymous, I THINK you forgot the duct tape! Ya know how da Yoopers are about dere duc' tape, eh!?

    Amy, it is great entertainment whether you are a participant or just a watcher! Your little guy is a cutie!

  6. Anonymous5:00 PM

    We saw a teenage boy purposely hit another kid in the EYE with the end of the rope with the golf ball on it! There was hell to pay for that! I can see why you'd be careful who you give them out to!

  7. Anonymous, THAT is the reason we don't let "youngsters" sign out this particular game. OUCH! That could have been serious!


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