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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My previous post was about the woes of buying a bra. So you probably think, from the title of this post, that it is a follow up “about da girls” and what happens when age and gravity kick in.

Nope, this is a post about wide (fat), flat (no arch) and floppy (overpronation of a foot) feet….and buying gosh darn shoes.

Even when I was in the corporate setting, I did not wear heels, unless you consider 2” high by 2” wide a heel. I HAVE had orthotics (arch supports) for a very long time and it is hard to find dress shoes to accommodate those things. At least with the job I’ve had for the past 18 years, I don’t have to wear fancy shoes; I can wear COMFORTABLE shoes. And when I do have a funeral or a wedding or some other occasion that requires dress shoes, I have sensible FLAT shoes. I can’t put my orthotics in them so I always pray I won’t have to wear them for long.

Finding the right shoe for my foot type is a real challenge. And again, when you find a shoe that works for you, buy at least a dozen of them because odds are they will either stop making them or “improve” them (and it is NEVER an improvement, at least not as far as the consumer is concerned).

For many years, Dan and I both wore a New Balance shoe called the Country Walker, model # 977 as I recall. New Balance made them for men and women.

The next time I tried to order them, I found that Cabela’s had made a deal with New Balance so Cabela’s would be the ONLY place you could get this model…and they no longer make it for women. About a month ago, after going almost 3 years without my Country Walker, I caved in and called Cabela’s to see what size shoe I should order in a man’s size to get a women’s size in a wide. The girl was very helpful and we completed the order.

Several days later the shoes arrived…too small and not wide enough. So I ordered them a ½ size larger and the next width. Of course, in the meantime, I had to return the others and wait for a refund on my credit card. The next size arrived…still too small and still not wide enough. I think New Balance must have “improved” this shoe because my feet are NOT as big as Dan’s! And by NOW I had ordered the size HE wears and it still didn’t fit me!!

I finally went to my old faithful ONLINESHOES.COM. I found a NB shoe that is similar to the Country Walker; it has the roll bar for overpronators, it has gortex, it has the features that I need and like. I read the reviews on the shoe and most reviews stated it ran a ½ size smaller so when I ordered it, I ordered a ½ size larger. It arrived. It didn’t fit! I ordered the next size and returned the others. They arrived yesterday and they fit…so far so good! And they don’t squeak and make shoe farting sounds when I walk like my NB walking shoes do.

So how is life for you when it comes to buying a pair of shoes? Men or women?? We all have to wear shoes of some sort….what is YOUR story?

There are undeniably some butt ugly shoes out there. Could you tell me if you know anyone that would wear this shoe?? I would need directions on how to get INTO it!


  1. I swear you're my long lost soul sister ~ we share the same feet and the same woes when it comes to finding a good fitting shoe! Not an easy task, much like buying bras!!

  2. Unfortunately, for years I DID have to wear heels at work and I have suffered for it. I now have bunions and callouses in places where I didn't know you could HAVE bunions and callouses. ha I have wide feet and to my surprise, I learned just recently that they went up a 1/2 size. So now, I NEVER can order shoes on line. I MUST try them on--in person or else I would be sending every single pair back. Because some 7 1/2's are like other 8's and other's 7's and wide is sometimes TOO wide. Sigh. And then?
    There is the whole blue jean challenge for short, "curvey" women...I usually have to try on about 15 or 20 pair in 2 to 3 different sizes before I find some that aren't too long, don't "whisker" or bunch up too much in the crotch and that don't have too much booty pocket decorations...good LORD it is hard being a woman. ha

  3. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I just walk into the SAS store and get a pair of black "Time Out" 14 WW. Even been known to catch a pair of E-Bay.

  4. To all of you that posted a comment so far; I don't know what is going on with Blogger today but I HAD answered each comment earlier and now it is gone. Please excuse me if I don't reply to each comment again....

  5. Anonymous11:24 AM

    wow these are so sexy I think my husband would love them.... they turn me on. the ankle brace tho


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