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Monday, August 02, 2010


Are there commercials that make you think you have totally lost your mind?  Those that you just don't get?

Are there commercials that make you laugh, even if it is inwardly?

It seems there are more of the "I don't get it" commercials for this old couple.  There are commercials that you can't help but critique.

The commercials that Dan and I like are the "E-Trade" babies; do you know which ones I mean?

The Geico commercial of Mary Todd Lincoln and old honest Abe is a favorite too.  Have you seen that one?  Mary has a "new" dress on and is asking honest Abe if it makes her rear end look big...he hesitates a bit too long and starts to answer "maybe a bit"...and she walks off in a huff.  But my new favorite Geico commercial is the one with the little pig in the backseat with his head out the window, a whirling pinwheel in each front hoof and he is screaming "WEEEEE!!!  WEEEEE!!!! WEEEEE!!!!" all the way home.  Cracks me up.

One that we just have to critique every time we see it is the new Activia commercial.  Jamie Lee Curtis is pushing an Activia yogurt wagon through the park and happens upon this unsuspecting couple.  Of course, when the guy hears it is good for his digestive system, he doesn't want to try it but she talks him into it.  Then he likes it so much that he can't even swallow it before saying something like "This is really good!"  I need to know who gave him permission to talk with food in his mouth (even if it IS yogurt) and since it IS yogurt and he has had it in his mouth for a while, why then, when he sort of opens his mouth to speak, isn't the yogurt running out in drool???

Do you have a favorite commercial or one that drives you up a wall???  Or that you just don't get??


  1. Gary H.10:28 AM

    The one I like is the Geico ad with the ex-drill instructor as a therapist, and there is a Hyundai one with rapping gerbils that I MUTE every time it comes on.

  2. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Blue Jean Baby diaper commerical. It is so stupid

  3. Gary, Dan likes that one too! They do come up with some good ones. And yep, that car commercial...I don't get that; WHY the rodents rapping??

    Anonymous, I'm not sure if I have seen that one. Is it diapers that are supposed to look like denim??

  4. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Yes. Diapers that look like denim. He poohs in blue. That is what the baby is supposely saying.

  5. We simply don't understand why the couple that wants to get it on after taking Cialis are forever seen in separate BATHTUBS!!!!?????

  6. Gary H.12:11 AM

    I don't get the separate tubs either.

  7. Retired One and Gary...Not only the separate tubs, but WHY, since they are in tubs near the ocean (or lake??) wouldn't they get frisky TOGETHER in the ocean?? WHO sets their tub outside unless you are putting flowers in it??

  8. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I HATE the new activia commercial. That man sounds like an uneducated slob with his "this is really good" line. Activa dropped the ball on this one.

  9. Anonymous, so we're not the only ones! At least I know it isn't just us getting really picky! :-)


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