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Sunday, August 15, 2010


The other day, I saw this guest riding her pretty pink bike around our park.  I couldn't figure out what she had in the basket; I thought it was stuffed animals and she must be here with a granddaughter who wanted Grandma to help take her stuffed pets for a ride.

I found out last night, these are not stuffed pets but real pups!  When you see them from a distance, they don't look real!  They sit SO VERY still and love every minute of their ride!

These are examples of 3 different types of Pomeranian but I don't remember what those 3 types are.  I CAN tell you that the black and white colored on is truly a hunter (I guess some of them were bred for hunting small things???).  If you look at the 2nd photo, it almost looks like she is on point!  However, there is a stray calico cat hanging around and the dog was very interested in that cat!  The blond one is 8 years old and the other two are much younger but the black and white is the one that the other two rely on for comfort.

They all have their favorite spot to sit and that is the spot they always chose when they get in the basket!

Now, about the corn on the cob....one of my readers brought us a HUGE bag of sweet corn.  She and her hubby also brought us a couple of nice tomatoes and 4 or 5 very large (and tasty) green peppers.  They are camping here for about a week so decided to bring us some of their garden bounty!  It was still too hot to cook last night and Dan was running in 8 directions all day so I didn't even ask him about cooking out, BUT we will have some of that corn tonight with supper!  It always tastes better on the cob!


  1. Gary H.8:52 PM

    Originally, these dogs used to grow to 30 pounders, before being "downsized". Also, they were shepherding and sledding dogs in the Germany / Poland area. According to the AKC, nowdays they should only be 4 - 8 lbs. The incredible shrinking dogs.....lol.

  2. Gary, thanks for that info! These 3 are sure cute examples, but can't imagine them ever pulling anything even at 30 pounds!!

  3. Yummmm, fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob..! I could make dinner with just those. ha
    I thought you couldn't have dogs on your campground? they sure were cute.

  4. Retired One...They ARE good vegies!! Pets are NOT allowed in the lodging, but in the campground.

  5. Greg and Nancy12:45 PM

    I wish OUR dogs were good enough to stay put in a bike basket!!! We'll be heading your way soon to stay a week and bringing our big old Jasper (looks like a cross between a lab and a st bernard!)

    Greg and Nancy in Grand Haven

  6. Greg and Nancy12:46 PM

    This is a follow up to our previous comment about bringing Jasper. Heck no, he wouldn't fit in a basket but we do have two little ones that won't be traveling with us!

  7. Greg and Nancy, That would be quite a feat of putting THAT big fella in any kind of basket!!! Thanks for the explanation!

  8. I use to put my 190 lb st. bernard in the cab of the truck ,but the only problem with that was she wanted to drive!


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