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Saturday, July 17, 2010


You may have heard about the attempted prison break at the prison in Kinross.  If not, it went something like this (short version);

3 prisoners (all in for murder) beat the crap out of a semi truck driver and got in the cab of the truck to try to crash it through the fence.  They couldn't quite break through the fence, so they took off on foot.  One was shot dead and the other two surrendered. 

This prison is across from the VA medical clinic so while this was all going on the clinic was on lock down.  Anyone INSIDE could NOT come out.  I believe Dan said they were on lock down for over 4 hours.  Dan was over there yesterday for an appointment that was supposed to have taken place at 2 p.m. but because they got so far behind due to the previous day's "activities", it was after 3:30 p.m. before he got in for his appointment.

The nurse that took Dan's stats, etc was telling him that the prisoner that made a run for it had gotten as far as the parking area at the VA clinic before having his head taken off.  Then apparently, he laid out there for quite a while before they could move him.  I suppose that was due to waiting for a CSI type investigation to take place first.

As of yesterday, news reports stated that there were about 60 armed deputies and guards in the area where they are working to replace/repair the fence.

And who says the U.P. is laid back??


  1. Gary H.10:10 AM

    Sounds like profiling to me, just because they were inside and breaking out doesn't mean they were trying to escape.....LMAO ! Seriously though, WTG to the guards that thwarted this attempt and hope the truck driver is alright.

  2. Gary H.10:18 AM

    Also, "Bang, Bang" is the title of a song sung by Nancy Sinatra and Cher while there are also rap songs with this title.

  3. Gary. Yep, didn't want them crossing the border! That's for sure!!! Haven't heard any more about the trucker. And the Bang, Bang I was thinking of was by Cher!

  4. Yes...we saw this on the news. Dumb asses didn't even figure on the fence being that strong. At least our tax money won't have to pay for that killer convict anymore...right?

  5. Whoa! That's a lot of excitement Cathy! How scary. So glad Dan wasn't there during any of the craziness.

    Hope you are feeling good and you're enjoying time with your daughter-- who I also hope is feeling good.

    Have a great week,
    xo jj


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