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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sunday morning is approaching and BOY am I looking forward to it!!!

I finally get to remove this bunch of gauze and see what the dressing underneath the gauze looks like. I also get to remove the rest of the dressing too!! I will be able to take a real shower!!!

My “coming home” instructions said that I couldn’t bathe until I was able to remove all the dressings on my knee and thigh. And that all has to stay put for 72 hours. Sorry, but that just doesn’t cut it for me.

Last evening, I took the roll of Handiwrap with me to the bathroom and wrapped myself from the thigh down to about 4” below my knee. I wrapped it snuggly. There was a trick getting into the shower/tub. It has been difficult enough to bend my leg far enough to get into sitting positions but then to have to lift it up and over to get into the shower while being tightly wrapped with cellophane was a trick.

But that shower felt SOOO good! I knew I didn’t dare stay in long in case my handiwork of Handiwrap didn’t stay clinging to itself. While I was wrapping my leg up, I kept thinking about the camper in Texas…do you remember the one? The one who wrapped up their little picnic shelter in cellophane?? I figured he’d be quicker at this than I was!

My leg still looks nice and tanned from the iodine type stuff they put all over it (and even on my toes!). And the cellophane wrap helped my cellulite for a few moments….sigh.

So Sunday morning, I can remove all the trappings from my surgery, cover my incisions with bandages (nope, don’t know yet how many little holes I have in my leg) and MAYBE I can even wear my jeans instead of these ridiculous looking stretchy Capri pants!

Dan’s been doing a great job of fixing supper and doing the dishes. He is such a trooper that way. Last night he did ribs on the grill and I fixed a vegetable and some cheesy potatoes. Tonight he will be unwrapping a frozen pizza and sticking that in the oven. Oh, and he washed and sliced a huge golden delicious apple for dessert….all the while saying “This would really be good with some caramel sauce”.

But I think my days of Dan cooking and doing dishes will be coming to an end real soon. I imagine my knee will feel a LOT better once I can get all this “stuff” off my leg. Between the ace wrap, all the gauze going around and around my leg and whatever other big patches of stuff they’ve got under the gauze, it makes it slightly difficult to stay in any one position for very long. It will be a LOT easier to get around when that is all off. I have to be pretty much back to my old self by Wednesday since I have to drive myself to the Soo for my follow up appointment.

That’s life in the fast lane in our neck of da woods!

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  1. So glad it is over for you and you are on the mend...and the important part will be that you won't have any more pain..YAY!!!!


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