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Friday, June 04, 2010


My computer guru guy was here yesterday and got my office "stuff" changed around.  It really is an improvement over what it was but these photos don't show that it is.

Yes, now I AM crowded on the TOP shelf, but it'll do.  AND I can sort of keep the dust bunnies at bay on the bottom shelf.  I can't really get in there with a high power sweeper for fear of sucking up important cords and cables, but it is better.  AND I can get to the back of the computer when need be.

Then we get to the little guy who came out of the closet yesterday; the router.  He now has a nice, sunny location next to a window that faces the campground so guests should get a stronger connection at some of the campsites.  But, in order to accomplish this, a gizmo called a switcher took his place in the closet.  At least I can close the doors and pretend THIS mess doesn't exist.

Hey, I know the office doesn't look very neat, but I know where everything is!  Or at least I did till I had to move a bunch of stuff!
Even though the computer and it's cables are missing from this shelf, there is still a batch of "stuff" to contend with!  And if you look real hard, you can see a newly formed dust bunny by the electrical pack!
And above, we have the newest member of the closet society.  See what I mean?  I can close the doors and pretend it isn't even there!!

So after all of this excitement was over, which took about two hours of Chris working steadily, Dan and I had lunch.  We don't eat a huge lunch, which is a good thing  because.....

Dan decided it was time to check the sewer line that goes from the campground to the lift station which in turns sends it all on to the  poop pond (AKA sewage lagoon).

He discovered at the 2nd clean out pit (a concrete hole in the ground with a steel lid and padlocked shut), that everything had backed up to that point.  The first pit, closest to the bathhouse was fine and the 3rd pit was fine so there was a plug between number 2 (no pun intended..Oh, whom I kidding...pun intended) and the 3rd one.

So, out came the 2-100 foot snakes.  At the 2nd pit, you don't have to get down inside of it, you can reach it from ground level but it was so nasty and so many flies attracted to it...well, you get the idea.  Good thing no heavy lunch, huh?

Dan couldn't get past 100' in the line, so we headed down to the 3rd clean out pit, which is more like a concrete bunker and you DO have to get down inside of it.  We had the 1st 100' in and I had started feeding him the 2nd 100'.  He was jamming that snake in there as hard as he could (and please don't forget the sweltering heat, the damn flies and just being a nasty place).

He started  yelling,  "Pull it out!  Pull it out before I get all wet!"  The plug had finally broke free and it was like a dam of very nasty water had broken...well, actually a dam of very nasty "water" DID break!

He got out of the pit and headed back to the lift station while I headed up to the 2nd and 1st pit to make sure things were flowing freely.  From there, I went to the bathhouse to turn on the water line so we could totally flush the system with a good force of water.

And what was the culprit you may ask??  Even though we have a 6 yard dumpster and we have a trash can by the dump station with a sign that states "PLEASE PUT YOUR GLOVES IN THIS CAN.  ALL OTHER TRASH GOES IN THE DUMPSTER". 

There was a "wad" of disposable gloves stuck in the mess of "stuff". True, someone could have flushed these gloves down a toilet in the bathhouse or someone on a full hook up site could have stuffed them down the sewer connection on their site, but WHY????

 So, campers, please keep this in mind.  I doubt you would flush this kind of stuff in your OWN  home, so please don't do it in campgrounds.  We were fortunate that Dan was able to get it unplugged so we didn't have to fork out a bunch of $$$ to have someone else do it.



  1. "I doubt you would flush this kind of stuff in your OWN home, so please don't do it in campgrounds.".....sounds too much like common sense to me. And then again, some people just don't care.

  2. Gary, and that is the problem...they don't care or just don't think it will cause any issues.

  3. WHAT is WRONG with those people???? It is just incredulous that they pull that stuff at someone's campground. Wouldn't you just love to catch the buggers in the act??????
    Poor Dan (and you!).....
    I could never put up with what you put up with.

  4. Retired One, now ya know why I count the days till we head out again! We're getting too old for this stuff!!


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