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Monday, June 07, 2010


You’ve seen those simple instructions before; click here to print. An easy thing to do.

Except when you are reading the PDF manual that is installed with the printer program on your computer…..and you are trying to get your printer to print.

The directions involve either printing them off (which I couldn’t do) or going back and forth between the directions and the following; “Click the START button (on the printer AND the computer), then all programs tab, the right arrow, the left arrow, now scroll up but first put the caps lock on, now scroll to the right with your left pinky finger hovering slightly over the shift key, now click on the reset network adapter to defaults under the advanced tab. Have you found it yet? If so, congratulations you are half way there!! Please continue on and double space until you see a little icon that resembles a mad person. From here click tools, and then click the wireless configuration utility. OH, did you forget to attach the USB cable? Then start all over from the START button. Once you have accomplished this, the printer’s wifi light should change to green upon the end of the wireless set up. If your set up has failed you will see 3 flying monkeys and an orange blinking light on the printer. If this happens, please do not pass go, do not collect $200 and proceed directly to jail. Oh, and don’t neglect clicking your heels together 3 times. ”

Since I could NOT print the directions it was necessary to keep going between the directions and the computer and the printer…after several failed attempts and a @$(#load of flying monkeys, I decided to go to Lexmark’s website and see if I could find help there.

There were no easy answers; just more of the same gibberish. So, from there I sent them an email explaining my problem and hoping for an easy fix. A couple of hours later, I received a reply which started a new course of agitation.

The very first item on their directions said “On the printer, press the set-up/settings button” (MY printer does not have this button). Then it states, “Now press the right arrow until you see the Network set-up”. (Can’t do that because I can’t even do the first thing…and so it went with another 3 steps beyond THIS before you even get to doing anything on the computer!)

I emailed them again and in a couple of hours had some more directions. By now, I didn’t really care if I used my laptop printer wirelessly or not and by now I’d also realized that even if I DID get it figured out, it most likely isn’t going to do me any good while we are gone next fall and winter because I will be using my Verizon air card. I haven’t seen any options on their manual how to configure the printer for an air card….but I did send another email asking about it!

However, I DID as the 2nd set of instructions said to do and I NOW HAVE MY WIRELESS PRINTER CONFIGURED PROPERLY! And what set this whole thing off was I changed the router’s password and the printer didn’t recognize it. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS GET MY NEW PASSWORD TO THE PRINTER!!!

We can, to borrow a really old phrase, put a man on the moon, but can’t make things like this simple!


  1. Gary H.11:09 AM

    New does not necessarily mean improved....lol. Good luck, maybe a wireless router is needed, this is my son's area of expertise not mine.

  2. Gary, got that right! Wouldn't it be great to have wireless everything??? Maybe the Amish have it right!


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