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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


 But I haven’t started losing my hair (as the rest of the song line goes), but I did find out what is up with my knee.

THANKFULLY it is NOT a torn meniscus! But I still have to have it scoped which is scheduled for June 10th. There is a lot of “debris” in there caused by ragged edges on the bone. Most of the issue’s seem to be under my knee cap. There is also something called a Solitary Osteochondroma which is as follows;

Solitary osteochondroma is a developmental abnormality of bone. It occurs when part of the growth plate forms an outgrowth on the surface of the bone. This bone outgrowth may or may not have a stalk. When a stalk is present, the structure is called pedunculated. When no stalk is present, it is called sessile.

An osteochondroma may grow in a child or adolescent. Its growth usually stops at maturity.

Solitary osteochondromas are thought to be the most common noncancerous (benign) bone tumor. They account for 35 percent to 40 percent of all benign bone tumors.

It does not result from injury. It is thought to arise during skeletal growth when bone grows away from the growth plate instead of in line with it. Because the cause of solitary osteochondroma is unknown, doctors have not been able to find a way to prevent it.

So the good news is recovery won’t be nearly as bad as it would have been if it had been a torn meniscus. The bad news is I still won’t be able to play tennis worth a hoot. Hell, I have a hard time with badminton! HA!


  1. Well in the world of "good news - bad news" I'm glad you got some "good news on your bad news!"

  2. Gary / Battle Creek7:55 AM

    "When I Get Older".....another Beatles song.Good luck with the knee.

  3. So glad you finally know what it is and can get it treated and go on with life! I hope your recuperation isn't too bad or too painful!

  4. Retired One...I am "anxious" to get it done. Recup shouldn't be as bad as if it'd been a torn meniscus!


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