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Friday, May 21, 2010


The Green Weenie bit the dust.  It joins the rank of the other push mower.

After 29 some years, (and an engine that just won't stop....literally), the old mower said "Varoom!!  VarOOM! SCREEEEEEECH!!".

Dan has had issues with the rewind cord on the mower for some time.  He has repaired it MANY times.  This time it is not something he can repair.  He has used (and abused) this mower for about 19 years mowing the bank around the sewage lagoon.  In fact, one time, it got away from him on the bank and ended up putzing along in the lagoon!  I had the mower prior to me having Dan.  I got it at K-Mart in 1981.  I got Dan at the bank in 1982 (we met where I worked).

Once you get the mower started it runs like brand new (well it DID).  In fact in order to shut it off, you have to short it out.  Dan was very startled  yesterday when the thing started screeching at him (it is rather an ear splitting sound) that he kind of forgot how to shut it down and almost shorted himself instead.

I think today will be spent seeing if we can switch the red mower's motor over to the green mowers deck.  Then we still have to get a different mower for the yard.  Dan has to keep the deck up higher on the mower he uses around the lagoon due to the ground being so unlevel so we have always had one for back there and one for the yard/trimming.

The pesky blackflies are out and bothersome.  And for you not familiar with the black flies, they are NOT like a house fly...they are tiny winged $%^&G creatures that have a bite that you won't forget...not once you realize they have bitten you.  THAT is part of their charm.  Sometimes you don't know you've been bitten until you feel blood running down your neck.  They LOVE to get behind your ears, under your bangs, if you part your hair, they like to get to that area, they enjoy the corner of your eyes (especially if you wear glasses).  But yesterday, they were literally swarming our heads and face.  They weren't biting; just being terribly annoying.  I think we put the tether balls and the volleyball net up in record time.  From about 10 a.m. to about 5 p.m. they weren't out at all (at least not here).

I have had people stop by who have been camping near the river or out in the woods who said the black flies were horrible, but it won't be long and they'll be done (along with the dandelions)...then we can move on to serious insects; like deer flies.

As I tell ya, we have two seasons...swat and shovel!


  1. I will be right over to help with the mower. The best time to live in the UP is labor day to memorial day no bugs or tourist!

  2. Tractor Guy, you should be here today when Dan has to drill holes into the "new" mower deck to attach the old handles!! That way I wouldn't have to put OFF on!


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