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Friday, May 28, 2010


My veins stick out like a sore thumb. No one ever has any problem poking any size needle into ALMOST any of my veins.

The veins on the top of my hands are especially prominent. All the nurses remark about my excellent veins.

But when it comes time to insert an I.V. needle (or ANY kind of needle) in the vein in the top of my hand, FORGET IT. They will roll all over the place. It’s a “catch me if you can” thing going on, and most nurses (and I found out EMT’s) won’t easily give up. It gets to be a challenge to them. It goes something like this:

Me: “Could you please just insert that IV into the vein in my arm?”

Nurse” WHY would I want to do that! You’ve got such wonderful veins. Why, just look at them standing up there like a true to life topo map!”

Me: “Yeah, they are up there all right but they will move around on ya.”

Nurse” Oh, I can get that little old needle in that vein. No sweat to it. Now, hold on!”

Me: “PLEASE, don’t do this!”

Nurse: “Boy you do have a vein that wants to roll a bit, don’t you? And you’ve got tough hide. You must be out in the sun a lot. “

Me: “Oh, %&^(#J!! Can’t you just $#(^&$ PLEASE use my arm!?? This HURTS!! What’s that plop, plop, plop sound??”

Nurse: “ Oh that sound??!! That’s just a bit of your blood hitting the floor. You’re not anemic are you? My, I’ll have to have housekeeping come in and mop up this puddle, er, I mean, DROPS ! Boy, you REALLY do have tough hide, but that vein is really sticking up there…I’ve never seen a vein look so angry before. I am giving up but I’m going to get one of the EMT guys in here. THEY can get an IV started through elephant hide! Not that you HAVE elephant hide, but they are good at this!”

Me: (thinking to myself)…The EMT’s are better at this than an RN?? What’s wrong with this picture??

EMT guy: “We’ll get that sucker in there; no problem! Just hold still and stop tensing up! Your slippery, bloody hand isn’t making it any easier, ya know.”

By now, my hand is black and blue (seriously, it doesn’t take long) and there is a blueish color streak going up my arm. But, yep, that fella got it in there.

And so it goes…and YES, I will do my best to convince them to USE MY FREAKING ARM when I have my surgery next month. If I am dreading anything, it is THIS part of the whole deal!

But, as Grandpa said, "It'll feel better when it quits hurting."  He didn't say that you would NOT forget about it though!


  1. Boy, can I relate to this graphic picture you so well described...Been there way too many times. And...they HAVE told me I have a hide of an ELEPHANT....go ahead, make my day, is what I'm usually thinking and then they have the audacity to charge US. Heck, they aughta be paying US for such a donation.
    Have a great weekend and prayers for your surgery....

  2. Cathy, I too have vein problems but just the opposite, they can't find them. I tell them to take blood out of the back of my hand. I refuse to let them even try to take it out of my arm. If they insist, I say stop right now. I know what works and what doesn't. No matter how many people they try to bring in to get the job done!
    Hope all goes well with your surgery etc. Will keep you in my thoughts.
    Jan on 446

  3. Dar, I normally can't get anyone to listen to me about this because it is "more convenient for the Drs and nurses" in your hand. ARRRGGHH!!

    Jan, good to hear from ya! Hope all is well down your way! No problem getting blood out of my arm AT all. The surgery should be fairly simple and recovery shouldn't be that bad! But thanks for the well wishes!

  4. I know, I know...I am an R.N....please believe me that when someone told me where to poke 'em, I listened. But it isn't as easy as it looks folks, and truly...any good nurse feels WORSE than you do when they can't hit it right...so sorry you had such a bad experience!

  5. Retired One, If it was just ONCE it wouldn't be so bad, but this is every time and with different nurses and even different hospitals (Marquette, Petoskey, War Memorialin the Soo, and Newberry)so yep, I cringe at the thought of it.

  6. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Because we use our hands so much, and wash them so often, the connective tissues on the back of our hands break down, and our veins roll around like a marble on a tilt table. No amount of fist clenching and finger anchoring, will yield a good IV start, when veins start rolling. I give them ONE try (when they think they know so much more than me, whose body it is and who probably drew blood before they were even born!).

    Nancy (in the lower peninsula)

  7. Nancy, I guess we'll see how it goes this time around. Hopefully I can convince someone to listen to me.


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