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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FUNNY HOW TIME FLIES (when you're having fun)

How did 40 years pass us by so quickly?

One moment you are on the stage, in your graduation gown and cap, waiting for your name to be called to receive your diploma and the next moment you have an invitation to your 40 year class reunion.

Back when I started school, there was no preschool and the only thing you had to know how to do in order to get into Kindergarten was to tie your own shoe. I don’t remember if it had to be a perfect bow or if couple of knots would suffice. I DO know that being left handed, it was a trick for my parents to teach me how to tie that bow.

But apparently I got the hang of it because I entered Kindergarten at the age of 4, going on 5 the next month. The things I remember about K were show and tell, nap time, rhythm band, and starting the first day of school with my next door neighbor, Shirley.

My wonderful sister, Christy, made me a scrapbook a couple of years ago, and there are a lot of old black and white photos that bring musty memories back. Starting school with Shirley is one of those memories. And K was only a ½ day adventure!

Everyone always had something new and different for show and tell. Even at that age, I wasn’t one to be out done. One day, for my show and tell, I lifted my dress to show everyone my beautiful pleated slip with a little pink bow.

Shirley and I started our school days together. Her Mom would sometimes babysit me, feed me breakfast, wash my face and get me off to school with Shirley. Shirley had (has) two older sisters. They all had (have) the most wonderful, jet black hair. Shirley and I were normally in braids.

We went through school together, maybe not always in the same class but we were in the same grade. We were in choir together, played at recess together. Then we grew up and kind of lost track of each other.

But with this year’s invitation to the class reunion, I wanted to get in touch with Shirley (and some of my other classmates that I haven’t been in touch with). I hadn’t seen Shirley since I attended the last reunion, I believe in 1990. Since we moved up here, and reunions are in the summer, I just can’t get to them….380 miles away.

We’ve been corresponding via email for about a week now and we sure do have a LOT of catching up to do! She has memories that I don’t have and I have memories that she doesn’t have. And part of the fun of it for me is picturing her at her computer thinking of these memories and maybe her letting out a chuckle or two. She has a laugh that I easily remember.

Shirley will be attending the class reunion since she lives in good old Colon. Maybe she will have some photos for me afterwards. I’m sure that she and I are the only ones out of our class who still totally look the same as we did 40 years ago, right??
I know you won't have a clue which one is Shirely or me, so I'll help out a bit.

The first little girl, on the left hand side in the first row, is my best friend, Anne-Marie.  She still looks the same too.

In the very back row, the tallest little girl with the black pigtails is Shirley.

The middle row, 5th little girl in, standing next to an ornery lookin' little boy, is me.

I swear, the only thing that has changed about us is our clothing styles and the hairdos!


  1. Doesn't time fly by so fast...last year was my 40th...good grief,...I do not feel old enough to have been out of school that long already.
    Too bad you can't get to your reunion. I'm sure Shirley would be tickled pink to see you again. Go, Girl! Go!

  2. Gary / Battle Creek2:21 AM

    I have a reunion coming up in July. The classes of '74, '75, and '76 are having a combined "Three's Company" reunion. So that means this will be my 36 year reunion. Seems to be truth in the adage "The older you get, the faster time goes.".

  3. Dar, I know exactly how you feel! I sure don't feel this age (well, except for the knee issue!)

    Gary, That would be a cool way to do it! 3 classes at one reunion. I bet that will be a BIG one! (Did you catch the song in THIS post??)

  4. Missed this song too, must be getting old.....lol

  5. Gary, the title is a song by Janet Jackson. The heat has gotten to ya...that's all it is.

  6. Thats a cute class picture.

    Hows the heat at your place today? Here it is 88 and humid as all get up.

  7. Sydney, welcome home! Temps yesterday and for the next several days are expected to be more "normal" whatever that is anymore. Still no rain in site...how about up there? Dry??


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