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Thursday, May 13, 2010


My Senior prom dress didn't come from a fancy boutique.  It wasn't strapless or daring as some of the prom dresses we have seen the past several years.  I don't recall ANY girl at the prom wearing anything other than maybe sleeveless and a slightly scooped neck.  And there weren't any limo rides to get to the prom; boys usually borrowed their dad's car if they didn't have wheels of their own.  There wasn't a fancy dinner for the whole class before the prom but there were parties after the prom...at various parent's homes, well chaperoned.  Other than that, we danced to the music that was popular at that time, and the prom was held in a highly decorated school auditorium/gymnasium.

For the past several years, the students of Newberry have spent their prom on a romantic island.  I don't know if limos were involved to get the kids FROM Newberry to the ferry docks in St. Ignace but they got there some how.  From there they were delivered to Mackinac Island, where a horse drawn carriage ride took them to Mission Point ( a fancy restaurant/resort/ hotel) on the Island.

Upon arrival to Mission Point, they had their buffet dinner and afterwards music and dancing.  The prom ended at 11 p.m. with a carriage ride back to the boat which took them back to St. Ignace...and then back to reality of home.

Doesn't that sound like a nice prom?  I wonder how many other schools can boast going to an island for their prom?

So what DO you remember about your prom?


  1. Gary / Batle Creek7:58 AM

    Didn't go to my prom, was in boot camp at Ft. Knox, KY having REAL fun...LOL

  2. That Prom on Mackinac Island sounds amazing! I'm from downstate and I don't think any of the kids here could say they had a prom experience like that! I'm jealous!

    I went to a small catholic school in Metro Detroit, we were the last graduating class, so Prom was a big deal, but with only 20 of us graduating, we ended up having more teachers and adults at our prom than students! It was nice and small at a hall with family style dinner, good music, and decorations, and overall was a great time!

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

  3. sfeutz9:59 AM

    I graduated from highschool in the little mining town of Gabbs, Nv. The classes were so small(13 in my class of 1960) that when there was a highschool prom the whole town was invited. And yes it was in the gym and the town was so small, most of us could just walk down the road!

  4. Gary, well on behalf of patriotic Americans, I THANK you!!

    Drea, our graduating class was about 70, so it wasn't a HUGE deal but it was called the Jr and Sr Prom so Jrs were in attendance as well. And yep, plenty of chaperones...and my DAD was the photographer.

    Sandy, now that IS small!!! At least if the gals wore heels, there toes shouldn't have gotten to sore from the walk!

  5. my school did not have a prom, it was a small Christian school way out in the country and we were not allowed to have one....in fact, I was the only one in my graduating class....lol....Amy

  6. Sounds wonderful!!! But maybe seasickness might be involved, which would certainly put a damper on things. ha
    I didn't go to my prom...I have mixed feelings about that now...

  7. Amy, now that IS a small school! Sounds like the description of my Mom and Dad's one room schoolhouse!

    Retired One...and it could have been cold too!!

  8. I drove my daughter and her boyfriend to the dock. Saw one limo that delivered a few kids. Everyone looked so nice in their dresses/tuxs/and suits but it was cold/windy. They had a great time. Maybe next year a few of us parents will rent a limo for the kids. This year I got a room at the Holiday Inn Express and his parents did too. Didn't want them driving back to Newberry that late at night plus dad said no "car dates" until 16. Next year she will be 16 so we will what dad says then, lol. And yes, not many kids can say they went to prom on an island but our kids can. Pays to live in the UP in more ways than one.

  9. That sounds like a fabulous Prom. How fun for those kids.

    My Prom was at our high school. I remember A LOT of tissue paper flowers. (yawn)


  10. Candace, thanks for sharing that with eveyone! I was hoping you might hop in here and tell us more about it. I heard they were going to only do this every other year from now on, true???

    Joanna, Balloons and tissue paper flowers, yep!! I'd forgotten about the flowers! Thanks!

  11. Cathy, I had heard that too but now I am hearing that may not be the case. Guess we will find out next year. Pictures are on her FB but not mine yet. Have to wait for her to do it for me unless I can figure it out. lol


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