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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


May 1st begins the Michigan no-smoking policy. We are anxious to see how many of the required signs we have to install will disappear.

We have had no smoking signs outside the bathhouse and Laundromat as well as inside both the men's room, women's room and by the washers and dryers. Some were the metal, screw to the wall kind...they disappeared (along with the paint that the screws were screwed through). Other signs have been totally ignored.

I have been in the women's room while someone was in a stall smoking and I've had all I could do to keep from saying "Are you on fire? I see smoke coming from that stall and we know smoking isn't allowed so you must be on fire! Don't worry!! I will get a bucket of water and DOUSE you!!"

So NOW, as much as we ARE in agreement with the no smoking in buildings, it is up to the business owners (or commercial offices, whatever) to enforce it. This will be a good ride. I don't really like all the generic no smoking signs, so I've made one up and sent it to a print shop to see what it will cost to have some made.

It is the traditional no smoking symbol but underneath it states clearly NO SMOKING UNDER PENALTY OF MICHIGAN LAW. MAYBE a person will think twice before destroying the signs at least and maybe they'll think twice about don't smoke. I've added all the appropriate verbiage to our confirmation forms so hopefully we'll be good to go!

And as to how I'm feeling; I am much better but not quite ready to run a foot race. I think it was last May I was on crutches due to my ankle/arch support so I'm a month ahead of the game this year. Of course, it has meant Dan has been stuck doing a BUNCH of stuff in preparation of opening next month. He's even had to do dishes, cook and make the bed (not in that order). It is driving me nuts that I still have stuff to put away form the 5th wheel let alone get OUR home cleaned up! I did finally get my spices alphabetized...I really, REALLY hate being disorganized and dusty! I have gotten to the point I can leave my brace off for a while (besides at bedtime) and have cut back on the pain meds.

And speaking of that brace; it would make a wonderful chastity belt. By the time I can hobble into the bathroom, (for one of those "gotta go right now" moments)I then have to undo 5 ribbons of Velcro that are each about 2 1/2" wide by probably 12" long. They start at the top of the thigh (going around the thigh) all the way down to mid calf (around the leg as you travel downward). When you are already in a hurry, and forget that you have to undo all of that before you can take down your britches...well, it has made life interesting.

Dan has been finding mushrooms! He started finding them about 2 days after we arrived home!! I will be happy when I can go out and help look! We don't have enough for even a frying pan full yet, but it sure is an early start!! Makes my mouth water thinking about them!!!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle - hope you heal fast! I am looking forward to MIchigan's no smoking law - I'm sure in the beginning there will be a lot of hiccups.


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