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Saturday, March 20, 2010


DAN: “Oh, God. WHEW!!! That was the best in a LONG time. How about you?”

ME: “Oh, yes! Me too!!! I can’t move. That was just too much!!”

DAN: “By the way, did I thank you?”

ME: “No thanks are necessary. I think it was good for both of us, right?”

DAN: “We’re going to have to get up pretty soon, ya know. “

ME: “I don’t see why. I’m comfortable right where I am.”

DAN: “Maybe YOU’RE comfortable, but I’m getting it in the back from being in this position.”

ME: “Well, put those legs on the floor then and stop trying to prop yourself up! You’re not a kid anymore.”

DAN: “I’m too tired to move. I’m too full to move. I just want to go to sleep!”

ME: “Well, that’s not going to be possible until you stop leaning back in that chair, we get up and waddle out to the truck and go home. “

DAN: “Oooohhhh, I’ve got to unfasten my belt. DO you want to drive?”

ME: “No, I don’t want to drive. I want to unfasten my jeans and NOT wear a seatbelt, which for sure would get us stopped and then I’d have to explain why my jeans weren’t fastened. And then have to explain why your belt is undone. Can they write a ticket for eating too much? Or for ALMOST indecent exposure?”

Such was our conversation when we finally decided we were done eating our supper last night. Noticed I didn’t say FINISHED eating our supper. Neither one of us could actually finish what we’d started!

Bubbah’s BBQ and Steakhouse sure doesn’t look like a place you’d go to celebrate anything, unless it was getting out of prison. It is one of those “shack” type restaurants with a huge pile of firewood off to the side, piled up by a HUGE cooker.

When you first walk in, there is an upright, glass front cooler with all kinds of steaks inside, so you can pick out your own steak if you would like to.

The inside is of décor that makes you feel like a tourist; you HAVE to look carefully at everything or you will miss something. The “curtains” are made out of men’s red hankies, the walls are corrugated tin and there is all kinds of old spurs, bits, cowboy paraphernalia and small, old metal airplanes hanging here and there. I’m sure there was other stuff, but we didn’t get a chance to really look around...service was that fast!

Our waiter arrived with our menus. It didn’t take Dan long to decide on the prime rib. I had the shrimp and hush puppies.

The young man quickly brought back our salads, which we figured since they came with the meal they would be in a small bowl. They were the size of a chef salad and probably had just as many ingredients. And talk about an abundance of salad dressing!!! Even I don’t put that much on my salad and I DO like dressing! They even brought extra shredded cheese should you need more of that! The croutons tasted home made. The cucumber slices were so fresh!! It was almost a meal in itself.

Before we were even done with that, our suppers arrived. With Dan’s 12 ounce prime rib, he also got a baked potato that was close to the size of a football, about 1 cup of potato salad, green beans and Texas toast. With my shrimp and hush puppies, I had fries, and the potato salad. (I almost got the sweet potato fries, but wasn’t sure if I’d like them) Dan had a large Coke and I had my large water. The meal was excellent and Dan said it was the best prime rib he can remember ever having.

Dan couldn’t finish off his baked potato and I couldn’t finish off my potato salad and some of my fries. The waiter actually asked us if we wanted dessert!!! HOLY WAH!!! I don’t know where we would have put it, but we sure were tempted by the blackberry cobbler!

We were totally miserable when it was time for us to try to get up and leave. But it was a GOOD misery!!

I wonder if there are Bubbah’s BBQ and Steakhouses in Georgia??!!! Gotta prepare for NEXT year!!


  1. The best way to handle someplace like that is to immediately ask for a take out box and cut everything in half before you start eating and put it in there....that way, you can have the joy again tomorrow at lunch. We do that alot. ha

  2. Retired One...I don't know what we would have put "away" to take home except maybe the potato salad. I think one thing was that Dan and I are "use" to not having REAL dressings and REAL mayo (and of course the REAL butter for his potato) and that had to affect us a bit too.

  3. Anonymous3:10 PM

    sounds like a great meal but I know what you mean about no one wants to drive after a meal like that! Hope you didn't have far to go!! Love the way you described it!

  4. Anonymous3:11 PM

    We haven't had the real butter and dressing in a long time so I do think it makes a big difference in how fyou feel when y ou eat. Sounds like you both had fun!

  5. Anonymouses...Yep driving can be a literal pain when you are stuffed!!! And yep, I think when you are use to low fat or fat free and you get the real stuff, it DOES make a difference.

  6. That is what I feel now.... I ate too much for my dinner. Fortunately I am at home. :)
    Spring is coming to NC. I saw a baby bear last week in Alligator River refuge.

  7. mono miao, I can't imagine YOU ever eating too much!!! We've been wondering how you are and if you are still wandering around the refuge! Glad you got to see a baby bear!! Aren't they cute??!!


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