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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dan enjoys good food. We both especially LOVE Mexican food; pretty much anything goes!

He generally will try something new without a protest. But he has ALWAYS said that when it comes to guacamole “I ain’t eating that green baby sh--!!” I’ve tried many of the old standby arguments to get him to at least sample it. There was no way on earth he was going to let anything NEAR his mouth that looks like guacamole. He would shudder at the notion of it.

After our Riverwalk boat tour, we decided to eat at the Mexican restaurant close to where we got off the boat. It was not quite 11 a.m. so getting a table outside by the river was not a problem.

Promptly at 11:00, a waiter appeared with beautiful deep red cloth napkins and a menu for each of us. He asked if we would like anything to drink. Dan had his usual Coke or Pepsi (whatever they might have) and I splurged by asking for a slice of lemon in my large glass of ice water.

The waiter brought back our drinks and a warm dish of homemade chips and salsa. We were ready to order by then. We both had the Enchilada Platter which consisted of 4 enchiladas, beans and rice. Dan had the beef enchiladas and I had the green chicken enchiladas.

We continued munching on the delicious chips and the waiter soon returned with our “salad” (see the photos).

The salad consisted of about a cup of finely shredded lettuce, some nicely diced tomatoes and yep, you guessed it, a BIG dollop of “that nasty looking green stuff”….AKA guacamole. I truly figured Dan would ask me if I wanted his salad (which I would not have turned down!!), but he very gingerly took his first bite of guacamole, which he had made sure was mixed in with some lettuce and tomatoes. He ate the whole thing! In fact, he was done with his before I was done with mine!

By then, our extremely hot platters arrived and boy did it look YUMMY!! There were plenty of melted cheeses on top of our enchiladas and a good amount of sour cream drizzled across the top. To top THAT off, the waiter then brought out a covered warm bowl of warm homemade corn tortillas. Dan went to town eating those with his beans and rice. I knew I had plenty in front of me without getting into those tortillas.

It was so very pleasant and relaxing sitting next to the river watching people go by, eating and just enjoying the downtime of the experience.

By the time Dan had finished his platter and one more corn tortilla, he said “I know now why the Mexicans have siesta!” He pulled down his cap over his eyes and pretended to doze off. We were STUFFED!! AND the best part was for all that we had, the bill only came to $20.32! We were very surprised by the prices on the menu and figured we would go away wishing we had more to eat, but that was not the case at all! Then we had that LONG walk back to the parking lot we were in!! And had to climb steps up and down to get over the river!! We decided a seista under an umbrella wasn't such a bad idea.

I’m not saying Dan is hooked on guacamole. In fact he said he won’t eat it again. He said it was like me goading him into going on Space Mountain; he showed me he could do it, but he doesn’t need to do it again.

Time will tell….you can eat about anything if presented properly and you are hungry enough!

(there will be a few more photos of our trip and a bit more info in a day or two)

Outside the restaurant along the Riverwalk. Dan is deciding on his lunch.


Doesn't it look yummy???
Making good use of the warm corn tortillas.
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  1. Tell Dan his new hat is spiffy...and, um...I'm kinda with Dan on the green stuff...don't like it either...nor do I like Salsa...believe it or not..but I do love chicken quesidillas and tacos....especially in Mexico!

  2. "Green Green, It's Green They Say on the Far side of the Hill" New Cristy Minstrels. They're from my day!
    Guacamole is delicious in Mexico and you are probably close enough there to get authentic stuff.

  3. Retired one...HOW do you spice up your stuff without the toppings?? HA!

    SBW, YEP!!! You got it!! Tne New Christy Minstrels!!! This was a very authentic Mexican restaurant and it was SOOOO good!!


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