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Thursday, February 25, 2010

UNKNOWN AND UNSEEN SIDE EFFECTS OF TOO MUCH ICE CREAM (AKA put your money where your mouth is!)

A post or so ago, I told you Dan and I did a very unhealthy thing and each ate a LITTLE container of Ben and Jerry's EVERYTHING BUT THE... Too make up for our bad behaviour, I also told you that night we would be eating grass and cracked corn.

If you've never had that particular flavor of ice cream, you are missing out!! There IS everything but the kitchen sink in it! And of course, being frozen, it is all HARD STUFF. There are slices of what I guess is almonds, macadamia, little Reese Cups, nuts, other hard stuff that I couldn't' identify but devoured nonetheless. It is MY idea of utopia. Even though it is rather expensive...

And I didn't find out how expensive till today. I think it figures out to roughly $250.00 per ounce give or take $50 one way or the other.

As you know, I have to be careful eating ice cream due to my cold urticaria. Amazingly, the only affects that I felt after eating that ice cream was the top of my mouth felt like it does after you've eaten hot pizza too fast and the hot cheese CLINGS to the roof of your mouth...except mine was caused by the cold. And my teeth were pretty darn cold too.

The next day I noticed my teeth on the right lower side still felt like they were cold but I didn't think much of it till I took a good sip of HOT coffee. TO THE MOON, ALICE!!! WHOA!!! Then I noticed cold air was bothering those teeth. Then cold water.

Yesterday, it started hurting to eat and accidentally touching a spoon to my one particular tooth with an old filling sent me through our rubber roof! I figured my filling was giving out on me.

BUT I had been to the dentist for my check up before we left and he did X-rays and everything was fine. I haven't had a filling in about 20 years. I take good care of my teeth (bad first dental experience at a tender age will do that to you). Something was very, very wrong and it wasn't getting any better.

I had hoped it was just sensitive teeth so I bought the newest, bestest Sensodyne toothpaste(which I realize takes a while to start seeing any effectiveness). But by last night, I knew that wasn't going to help.

Fortunately, the gate attendants at the park recommended a local dentist and I figured I'd be lucky if I could get in even within a week. I MANAGED TO GET AN APPOINTMENT THIS MORNING!!!

Of course, they had to do a normal exam first and all kinds of digital X-rays. Nothing showed up as being wrong!! So that led the hygienist to feel I had a cracked tooth and the Dr would have to narrow it down...which he did. I swear he used tin foil to put on each tooth on that side (asking me to bite down each time...you tend to get a little gun shy).

He narrowed it down to the tooth with the filling. I have a cracked tooth. Which requires a couple more appointments so I can have a root canal and then a crown. This will take a couple of weeks to complete. I have to be back there on Monday afternoon for the root canal and get started on the crown.

All these years of perfect dental check ups and I end up with a cracked sweet tooth!!

Yep, that was expensive ice cream....or maybe it was the cracked corn.

And just so you know, I am a total coward when it comes to dentists. I like dentists who have the motto of catering to cowards.

We're off to get the Darvocette!!


  1. Something VERY similar happened to me the second day we got to Mexico a few years ago....you can imagine how thrilled I was to go to a MEXICAN dentist!!!!! I was scared to death...he said my gums under my tooth were all inflamed...he filed down a tooth where I had just gotten a crown done and then I saw my own dentist again when I got home. All I could handle eating for two days in Mexico was lukewarm soup...I couldn't chew at all. Good grief. When you hit 50, everything begins to fall apart in pieces in your body!
    Take your Valium next time you go to the dentist. ha
    The Mexican dentist gave me a prescription for a pain med which I filled at a Mexican pharmacy. Who knows WHAT I took, but I felt like going shopping immediately after I took one. hahaaaaaaaaa

  2. Retired One, right now I'm feeling more guilty than anything! I was surprised I wasn't even scared when I was there, but I think the pain was so great I wanted relief so fear wasn't an issue. THEN when I found out the whole thing was gonna be $1800 I actually started crying!! I hate to spend money on myself so pain pills, like you got in Mexico that made you want to go shopping, wouldnt' do me much good!!

  3. Ashley, surprisingly, I'm not frightened about it yet...just upset that everything we thought we had saved this winter is now going to my mouth!


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