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Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday was a day of mourning for Dan.

The garbage truck showed up and emptied all the dumpsters so there went his old faithful friend, the cap he finally tossed out.

After posting the story about Dan giving up his hat, I had emails and posts from guys who knew exactly what Dan was going through….like parting with a comfortable old friend.

So, to all of you who understand the loss, offer a moment of silence for all those tattered old caps, all those old torn flannel shirts (especially the insulated ones that are torn and the insulation material is coming out…they can burst into flames easily when working with a small, handheld propane torch..don’t ask, just use your imagination), all the old comfortable briefs with the elastic waist shot; all of those favorite things that have gone before

Donations can be made in Memory of RIP-OFF (which stands for Rest In Pieces Old Faithful Friend).


  1. TOO FUNNY! I don't think there's a wife out there that hasn't suffered the agony of watching her mate parting with something OLD, something WORN, something TATTERED, something TORN.

  2. LOL...funny stuff...I know what the poor ol' boy is suffering...you would have thought Bill buried his dearest friend in the world the day he finally parted with his broken down work jacket...the zipper broke...I really could have replaced it but geeeez, the thing was almost unrecognizable after 30 yrs...like you said, the stuffing was falling out of it and it was a fire hazard.
    RIP ol hat and jacket

  3. Poor Dan!
    I would've probably conveniently "lost it" for him long ago, had I been you....ha
    I am forever telling my hubby to throw away his "work shirts" and pants...
    We actually both went through our closets this week and pulled a ton of clothes out that we no longer wear or that should be gotten rid of and it was such a good feeling to purge that out...we have so much more room now!

  4. I am finding at least 4 or 5 different songs titled "Tragedy" by just as many different artists....The BeeGees, Emmylou Harris, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. I have a Detroit Redwings Stanley Cup hat in almost "worn-out" condition.....I'll NEVER get rid of it......LOL

  5. Cher...I think most women know of what we speak!!!

    Dar...and the zipper probably cost more than the coat was worth!

    Retired One...I tried to make it come apart in the washer AND the dryer...

    Gary, Yep, Tragedy by the BEE Gee's is what I was aiming for. And there are other songs in the post with the pelicans!! Have you found them yet??

  6. GaryH5:33 PM

    Hail, Hail, the gang's all here! - 1915, and "From a distance" - Bette Midler.

  7. Gary H, there is ONE more to go!

  8. Cathy,
    A traumatic time for Dan
    Is he accepting any cap donations?
    I have several I would gladly donate to him.

    Terry D.

  9. tdecolumna, it would have to be exactly like the old one...only new! but thanks!!


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