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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Well, I WAS tired of waiting!

But Dan said, to chill and wait a bit longer.

So we waited...and waited...and waited some more.

Delivery guys came and went....

We waited some more.

See, my daughter gave her step dad, Dan, a Pizza Hut gift certificate for Christmas. We hadn't used it yet...figured today would be a good day to use it.

We even got in on the "any size, any topping" $10.00 pizza deal. We ordered a super supreme, plus I had the salad bar, we ordered one order of bread sticks, Dan had a pop and I had water.

I ate my salad and enjoyed every green leaf of it.

Then we waited...and waited....

About 45 minutes later a waitress asked us if we needed refills of our drinks. When she brought the water and pop back to the table I asked her if our breadsticks had been forgotten about and told her we'd been waiting at least 45 minutes (and there was only 2 other families in the Pizza Hut!!). She immediately brought back the order of bread sticks.

I guess about another 15 or 20 minutes passed and we finally got our pizza. At least it didn't come at the same time as the bread sticks!

We enjoyed our pizza; I had two slices and Dan had four...he doesn't want to see pizza for a long time (so he says). We brought 3 slices home...but we even had to wait for a box!

No, I take that back, we got TIRED OF WAITING for a box so Dan went up and asked for one, thinking that someone would give us a bill. By now, the other family had left and a new family had come in...but they were smart; they called in their order ahead of time.

We walked up to the cash register. The hostess who seated us came up behind us, took us aside and said "There is NO charge. You had to wait WAY too long so your meal is on us!"

Dan and I were both so full and actually feeling pretty darn sleepy that he didn't even want to go in the grocery store next door and get some snacks for the big game tomorrow! (After I have time to check my photos and if there are any good enough to post, you will know what we did with the first part of our day today and why we got so sleepy. Hopefully tomorrow)

So, I guess I could have called this post GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT!

And YEP, the title IS a song...do you know who sang it??


  1. Well, dang, I don't think I would have been waited...but at least you got rewarded for your patience...so as you say, Good things DO come to those who wait...
    so who's winning tomorrow?

    God Bless

  2. Gary / Battle Creek12:24 AM

    Would that be "The Kinks - Tired Of Waiting For You" ? This is fun! GO COLTS !!! LOL

  3. the kinks 1965.no i would not have waited that long.glad everything else is going good.

  4. Dar, I'm not one that normally watches the super bowl but I HOPE the Saints win.

    Gary, you are correct!! Maybe from here on out if I use a song title I won't mention it and see if anyone catches on and names it!

    Tractor Guy, you are right too!! We think we'd like to try the Mexican restaurant down the road from PH and see if we can get free food there!

  5. It was so nice of them to give you a free meal...but good P.R. too..now look at how many people heard about it now?
    Good for you guys!
    I love pizza too, so you were very patient during all of this.


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