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Thursday, February 11, 2010


These photos were taken a couple of days ago. If you look at the first and second photo, notice the line of trees in the lake...those trees USE to be high on the bank above the lake. We would walk down there along the shore. The bottom photo shows a few of the shelters that are up to their "ankles" in water...and it just keeps rising.

We were told that the lake level has only come up 7', but couldn't figure out how that was possible when it is very easy to see how far it has crept up the landscape. So, yesterday, Steve (our boss and a great guy) took us for a ride on the road at the top of the dam. First thing we saw was one of the largest eagles that either Dan and I have ever seen! Things ARE bigger in Texas. Since we had actually gone over to the office to work yesterday and didn't know we were going to get a tour, I didn't have my camera with me...darn it all.

I always think of dams and reservoirs as having hydro plants...they don't! This one does not. Steve took us all the way to the end of the road to a spillway which without any photos it is too hard for me to explain what all this is. This spillway is a secondary way of getting water out of the lake should it ever become THAT full...which it has not. The first way was 'back at the tower' where they can release water onto the other side of this earthen dam. So far, there is no plans to do that.

So, this morning while Dan and I were still trying to shake the sand out of our eyes, we heard an "alarm" in our camper go off. My FIRST thought was the cell phone, then I was scared it was my computer (which I knew I shut off last night), so it dawned on me it was the NOAA weather radio. Since it was 30 degrees, I didn't figure it was a tornado and since last night the Weather Wizards had been predicting possible 1-3" of snow and classes and church classes, etc were already being cancelled last night, I figured it must be the Mother of All Blizzards (MOAB for short) headed our way!!! DAN WAS GOING TO GET HIS SNOW!!!!

I got the radio turned on only to find out that there is a possibility of 3-6" of snow expected for some areas of North-eastern Texas and the DFW area could see up to 10" of snow. To the Texans this IS the MOAB; they haven't had this much snow since 1977.

After making sure that it was not slippery outside, Dan and I proceeded to get ready to walk up to the bathhouse to take our showers. I'm sure I must've looked a sight to what few campers might have seen me. Usually I walk up there with my robe on over my nightgown, shoes and socks of course. This is normal morning attire in most campgrounds. This morning, I removed my nightgown and put on my long underwear, covered up with my heavy polar fleece robe, put my knit stocking cap on and of course, shoes and socks. I was going to put my coat on but I forgot it! We walked to the bathhouse (which is a bit of a hike from our campsite) in the blowing sideways snow which actually was kind of fun! The 3 campers that are between us and the bathhouse are all from Texas so I'm sure they have something to laugh about or they thought we needed to be locked up...since they probably won't be outside...ya know, due to all the closings.

No sense of taking photos of snow in Texas...most of my readers are very well acquainted with what snow looks like!

(In case you aren't paying attention, the title is a line from a song...do you know what it is???)
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  1. GaryH / Battle Creek11:03 AM

    Didn't have to look this one up....."Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" done by more people than I can count. I missed the second song reference to the Chicago song on Tuesday.

  2. Gary...Yep, you got it again! And true..it is by MORE people than one can count! You are going to be hard to fool!!!

  3. I saw the Texas weather report and I turned to Paul and said: The first people I think about are Cathy and Dan...who wanted to leave the U.P. to get some warmth and no snow..I feel so bad for them!!!!! I hope it warms up for you soon there!

  4. Snow in Texas?? Well I never!

    Umm...the picture of you in your long-johns and housecoat is just too funny. I think it should be posted. We ALL need a chuckle!

  5. sfeutz4:36 PM

    I just saw a weather report for Texas and the first thing I thought about was you and Dan. What luck you have. Hope some warm weather comes your way. I talked to my sister in Corpus Christi the other day and it was 70 there. Maybe you should have gone further south! Take care. .

  6. Retired One...It has been an unbelievable winter pretty much every place...and I hear they are trucking snow to Vancouver for the Olympics???!!!

    Wendy, so far about 2" here. And I wouldn't hold still long enough for a photo! It was too cold!!!

    Sandy, makes us wonder what next year will be like! The experts say "we can see years of this"!


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