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Thursday, February 11, 2010


OK!!! You guys and gals are either younger than I thought or you are asleep at the switch!

In the post, SUNSHINE CAME SOFTLY, two of you got two of the 3 songs...you missed reference to another one...can you figure out what it is???



  1. sun ain't gonna shine anymore.by Frankie Valli 1965.

  2. Tractor Guy...I was thinking of by the Walker Brothers, but Frankie works too!! So, did you catch the song in THIS post???

  3. Asleep at the swicth by Tom Tyler.

  4. I've never been to Spain.by Three Dog Night.

  5. GaryH4:47 AM

    "Asleep at the Switch" - Charles Shackleford (1897). I'm still rereading the other post...lol

  6. GaryH4:56 AM

    "sun ain't gonna shine no more" is a line from "I Wonder Why" by Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins. This would be easier if I was still awake.....LOL

  7. Tractor Guy, if I was keeping score I'd have to say you were now in the lead!!

    ES, YES!!!! Do you actually remember the song?? no one else got this one!!

    Gary, YOU came up with one I wasn't aware of from the 1800's!!! Good lord!!! I can't promise I WON'T ever go back that far, but I didn't even know this one that you mentioned!

    Gary, and the line The sun ain't gonna shine anymore...I didn't know about that either! I was thinking of the Walker Bros song but you are good at this!


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