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Sunday, February 07, 2010


I've never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music. I've never been to Italy either, but you pass through it on the way to Waco (at least from where WE are).

Yesterday, we went to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco.

Many of the displays are behind glass so it is difficult to get decent photos, but I thought these guns were pretty. There were many more I would have liked to had photographed, but again, the glass cases didn't help. There were old saddles in cases too, and they all had wonderful designs in the leather.

There was also a 45 minute movie explaining how the Rangers got their start, their ups and downs, how they helped during the Civil War and even how Hittler had been concerned about their presence on the battle field...which never did happen. Dan and I learned a lot about the Rangers that we never knew. And just to become a Ranger, you have to pretty much had to have been a PERFECT person all of your life!

As I recall there are currently two women serving as Rangers out of a total of...darn, can't remember for sure, so I'm going to guess 60.

There was a display of the Lone Ranger "stuff". Did you know that Silver was ALMOST called Gingham??? There was a company by the name of Gingham that was a sponsor of the Lone Ranger show and as a sponsor, they wanted the beautiful, white stallion called Gingham!! I never knew that!!

The gun belts that Rangers wore sure wouldn't fit the men of today! Some of those gun belts from way back when didn't look like they'd even go around a woman's waist! But when you lived on the range, roamed the range and had to eat sagebrush for breakfast I guess you stayed in shape!

There was a display of 45 caliber (or was it 50??) hand guns that you could pick up the gun so you could feel the weight of it. I tell you what; I would have shot my horse's head off IF I even got the gun OUT of my holster! Those suckers ARE heavy! The weight of the gun empty was 5 pounds. I don't think my rifle weighed as much as one of those!!

Another section of the museum was dedicated to showing you how equipment has changed over the 100+ years the Rangers have been in service and how crimes are now investigated, etc. It was interesting to see...even the changes within the last 10 years! One thing hasn't changed, they still use horses and wear white hats! The gun belts are bigger...the guns aren't as pretty...

If you ever make it to Waco, you might want to include a visit to the Rangers museum. It was $6.00 per person.
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  1. Sage for breakfast, eh? That's carrying seasoning a little too far!

  2. Gary H. / Battle Creek2:28 PM

    "I Fought The Law (and the law won)".....Buddy Holley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty (and many others) all did this one.

  3. Tom and Sandy, you know how tough those cowboy types can be!

    Gary, I was thinking of the Bobby Fuller 4...and I still have the 45 someplace (I mean as in RPM not as in caliber!)!

  4. I think I will skip the museum as I (and Paul) don't like guns much....but these did have wonderful carved designs on them!
    My brother probably would like to see them...

  5. GaryH / Battle Creek2:40 AM

    The Bobby Fuller 4 was on my "and others" list...lol. I've got a whole bunch of LPs and 45s to convert to digital now that I received a USB turntable for Christmas.

  6. Retired One, I can't imagine the time that went into carving some of these. Although I hate the use of ivory, the ones that were ivory were quite beautiful.

    Gary, I figured they would have been on your list! What the heck is a USB turntable??? I'll have to look that up!

  7. GaryH / Battle Creek10:14 AM

    Go to www.ion-audio.com and check out their stuff. Getting ready for 6 - 12 inches of the white stuff in the next 24 hours....I'm ready for SPRING....LOL


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