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Monday, January 04, 2010


I've had some very good and very interesting guesses in regards to the photos that I posted that were to serve as hints. I hope you take time to read through the comments.

I had several guesses that the photo was of Bodie Lighthouse but if you look at THAT lighthouse you will see that the stripes around it are NOT on an angle. So, nope, while that is a good guess and shows you have been paying attention, that isn't it.

Each lighthouse is painted differently in order to distinguish it from the others. Also each lighthouse puts out a different kind of "beam" than others so people at sea, if they are confused or drunk(I just threw that one in to make sure you are still paying attention!!) and they see a certain flash of the light, the hopefully will know which coastline, or what town or port they are closest to. Seriously, in the fog, or in a storm, knowing which lighthouse puts out which type of a beacon is helpful.

And there were good guesses about what those blocks might be. I know you can't see it from the photo, but etched in stone, on each block is a lighthouse keepers name. I believe that the names date from the 1870's. And those blocks were part of the base of the lighthouse; that is exactly where the lighthouse sat before it was moved.

So, I'm going to post all of the photos and I will have the rest of the story later because Cape Hatteras Lighthouse fascinates me!!

do you know where this lighthouse is

Cape Hatteras


  1. What a gorgeous little lighthouse...and a nice lesson about them from you. So the blocks all state a lighthouse keeper's name?

  2. Retired One. I hope to get to the rest of the story in a couple of days!! Yep, the blocks in that first photo that showed the "ring" of blocks each had a name of a keeper etched in stone. The lighthouse use to set on those blocks.


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