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Friday, January 08, 2010


Today being Friday is the big "feed" that Paul, the Volunteer of the Year, prepares (every Friday) and it was also the day that we said good bye to the many people that we have met since arriving late October.

All of them have taught us something or touched our lives in some way so we were glad for the opportunity to have had lunch with most of them today.

Not everyone was there that we wanted to say a special good bye too; Bobby, Lisa, Helen, to name a few. We didn't expect to see Abbey or Cindy there but hope to see them some how before we leave.

But we did get to say special goodbye's to Donny, Paul and good ol' Bruce....Bruce is a special guy. He's the one I've told you has the quiet sense of humor. There's just something about him AND Donny that makes you want to stay. But when I had my turn to thank Bruce for all that he did for us, and tell him how much we appreciated everyone treating us like family from day one, I extended my hand for a handshake. He turned to Dan and said "I can't shake a woman's hand" and proceeded to give me a BIG hug.

They all said they hoped we'd be back again and of course we invited them to come to da U.P.

So, Bubba, our truck, got his oil changed today and the tires checked (with the cold temps the tire warning light kept coming on and after checking it out, the tires DID need air) and the plans are still to leave on Tuesday. We aren't going to push ourselves since we've got plenty of time to get to Texas. We figure we'll be at the next job on Monday, the 18th of January.


Tuesday is supposed to be a fairly nice day and we hope to make it to Columbia, South Carolina before supper time.

We'll spend the next couple of days getting the 5th wheel re-organized and doing some odds and ends yet for the refuge (checking brochures for one thing) so we'll be already to go on Tuesday.

stay tuned!!

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  1. I sure hope your weather is more cooperative when you get to Texas (and on your trip there). Seems most of the nation is under a deep freeze.
    We have the teens today and missed most of the snow..got freezing rain though. We are supposed to hit in the 30's by Tuesday....sure hope they are right. I am ready for a U.P. "January thaw" !!!!
    I will be waiting to hear about your next adventures.
    P.S. Can't explain my Pelican fixation even to ME...but I am up for the wine thing anyway. ha


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