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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As you know, Dan and I have been working at the Pea Island Visitor’s Center off and on over the past couple of weeks.

While the work there is very easy and at times can be a bit on the boring side when there aren’t any visitors coming in, it is also very educational and fun when there ARE visitors coming in. We have learned a lot just by having conversations with the locals (and not so locals) that come to watch the birds.

For example, a couple of days ago, I posted a photo of an eerie sunrise that was shot, once again, through the windshield. The photo was of the Coast Guard Station that I explained was being rebuilt. What I didn’t know was that this building is eventually going to be moved to the land that the Bodie Lighthouse is at; quite a distance down the road, headed back towards Nags Head. THAT in itself was interesting. But then we found out the why of the move.

If you scroll down a couple of posts to that photo, you will see that there is land between the building and the Oceanside (top side of the photo). What Dan and I didn’t know was that not that long ago, there was a lot more land on that side, so much so that there was a campground there. Then the ocean took over that portion of land. Then the winds blew the sand so hard that the Coast Guard station was buried in sand up to the 2nd floor of the building! A lot of sand has been hauled out, obviously, to unbury the building and the effort to save it was underway.

As I recall, we were told that once the building is moved that it will be an education center at the Lighthouse ‘complex’. I can’t imagine moving that big building across the Oregon Inlet Bridge in one piece! Maybe they will load it onto a large barge and move it that way. Regardless, THAT would be something to see!

I hope to post a couple of shots of the inside of the visitor’s center with this short post and maybe I can squeeze in another shot of the Coast Guard building. The photo of the guy with the cap on backwards, looking through a scope is Dan...in the set of 4 photos.

We thought we’d be headed to Cape Hatteras today; it is a gorgeous day. No wind, no rain, the sun is actually shining but because of getting a late start (due to a frozen hose) and because there is another big turkey dinner at the shop, we aren’t going anyplace today. Sunday looks like it might be another nice day so maybe then!

If I don’t ‘talk’ with you before the Holiday, have a wonderful Holiday!!
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  1. Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  2. YOU have a wonderful holiday! :)

  3. Nice photos! That building really has charm with the look out tower.
    Both of you have a wonderful Christmas! You will be in our thoughts this holiday season.

  4. Gary / Battle Creek1:39 PM

    Wishing a "VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS" to you, yours, and everyone !!!

  5. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to wish Dan and I happy holidays! We appreciate it!


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