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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


On the road to Rodanthe; you can see they are still moving sand. First two shots taken through windshield driving down the road.
The photos I am showing you are of the house that was used and made famous in the movie NIGHTS IN RODANTHE. The name of the house is Serendipity (so we’ve been informed).

I had to look up the meaning of the word, serendipity. We’ve all heard it and probably could use it successfully in a sentence, but I wondered about the definition…which is “The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.” (Coined by Horace Walpole, 1764, after fairy tale characters.)

After the November nor’easter, the house was condemned. And a portion of Hwy 12 actually had to be MOVED west of where it originally was; part of the S curves had to be moved due to all the sand that had been blown inland. When you look at the photo(s) that I shot through the windshield, you will see piles of sand between the house(s) and the road…that sand was not there prior to November.

One drives through Rodanthe if you are headed anyplace south towards Cape Hatteras. You can’t miss this home. It is the first one standing (just barely) as you approach Rodanthe. As I am writing this, I haven’t decided which photos I am going to put with this post but I can tell you one or two of them will have been taken through the windshield so the shots are not very good. Other shots that I hope to post will be ones that I took on our way back when we were actually able to get off the highway, climb up the sand dunes and get some half ways decent photos. Even standing on top of this “dune” was eerie. I think most of this “dune” was where the highway department had tried to move the sand and had piled it up. It basically comes to a point at the top of the dune so you are walking along a sandy ridge…and the ocean is constantly pounding at the “beach” below you. When we walked to the top, the waves were coming in hard and fast and the tide was coming in so we didn’t stay on top of this ridge very long.

From the looks of the windows, the house appears empty; there are no curtains at any of the windows and it doesn’t appear there are any furnishings so I’m thinking the owner removed all of those things when it was condemned…but I don’t know that for a fact.

Tonight, on the evening news, there was a short film clip of this home showing it when there was still stable property under it and around it. We thought possibly the news story was that it finally collapsed into the ocean yesterday. (It has withstood many hurricanes and many nor’easters.) Fortunately, that was not the case. A bails bondsman has purchased the house for $500K and plans on MOVING IT (!!!!) inland and restoring it to exactly how it looked in the movie, including the way it was furnished…and renting it out. It will be very interesting to see if he actually gets this done before it succumbs to the force of Mother Nature.

Now that we have seen the actual house, Dan and I want to see the movie again! We didn’t really pay too much attention to the house when we watched the movie because we didn’t know it really existed, (and we didn’t know Rodanthe was a real place!!) let alone think we’d ever BE there.

And if I don’t tell you this NOW I will forget it!!! I SAW A PILOT WHALE IN THE OCEAN YESTERDAY AT ONE OF THE PLACES WE STOPPED TO LOOK FOR SHELLS AND TAKE PHOTOS!! I just caught a glimpse of his square black “nose” and head. I quickly pointed it out to Dan but he didn’t see the whale but thought he DID see the whale shoot up water out of his blow hole! He wasn’t that far off shore. Otherwise I probably would never have seen him, not with the waves that were pounding the shoreline.
Bottom two photos were taken from atop the "dunes".
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  1. Wow that is incredible! Makes me also want to watch the movie again.

  2. I remember loving that house in the movie! But moving it???? That sounds like a major job.
    Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know it's a real house, not just a movie set.

    Happy 2010.

  3. Wow on that house! and WOW on the whale sighting! We saw some close to the boat when we were in Purerto Vallarta..we could see the steam/water coming out of the hole..it was fantastic..what a thrill. How neat you saw one!
    Stop by my blog today (12/30)...there is something there I think you will want to participate in on a monthly basis...
    and if any of your readers love photography, they will want to check it out, too (at http://myretirementchronicles.blogspot.com).
    I hope you consider entering each month..it will be such fun!

  4. Ashley, Dan and I are going to see if we can get the DVD while we are here and pay really close attention!

    Joanna, We were so very surprised it "really DOES exist"!

    Retired One, I will try to get to your site today and see what you are up to now!

  5. Yes, Seredipty really does exist. A man from NC bought the house and plans to move the home. They hired the same company that moved the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse a few years back. Thanks for sharing some great pictures.

    -- Dan

    Outer Banks Revealed

  6. Dan, thanks for stopping by and for adding that other information. Hopefully there will be photos online someplace of this move. I just don't see how it can be done without it falling apart.


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