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Thursday, November 26, 2009



As you know, we've been replacing boards on the boardwalk and rebuilding the kiosk due to bear damage. This photo is just a small representation of what a bear has done. There was about 22' worth of railing that had been totally ripped off and splintered. Some of it we had already picked up the day before as a safety precaution. The boards are treated with salt so that is most likely why the bear(s) find it so much "fun" to rip and tear and chew on. Long, heavy nails are used to hold the boards in place...just a plaything for the bear who has been causing us grief since we arrived. I truly hope we do NOT encounter this particular bear!
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  1. I was wondering--with all the continual damage from the bears off and on and the huge expense of having to hire people and supplies to replace the wood all the time...why don't they buy the other kind of decking (that is made of that kind of heavy, heavy plastic) that they make decks with instead of salted wood? We have some friends that made a deck of that material (I can't think of the name of it) and they guarantee it for LIFE because of its durability. I am sure the bears wouldn' t want to eat it and it would save the reserve so much money! It costs about double of what regular decking is made of, but in the long run it would be so much cheaper for them to use.

  2. Retired One...the bears have even destroyed the insides of heavy equipment! And they have torn out huge windshields of heavy equipment...chewed up the seats, chewed off the And they have been eating/destroying the heavy duty plastic brochure racks. Good suggestion though. Enjoy that trip!


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