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Monday, October 12, 2009


Fun in the snow!!

TOO cute for words!!

President Bob Brown and me accepting a sizable donation from a group of Pennsylvania sledders!! Photo taken inside the TASA barn.

Grooming the trails for you!!!

Since I won't be updating any trail reports this year and I always post this for my snowmobilers to get them in the mood, and since there HAS been snow, this is my last HOO-RAH for the season for my sledders!!!(And i DO hope you will all give the new TASA board and groomer operators a chance to prove themselves. Many of you have emailed or stopped by expressing concern and telling me you would be bypassing Newberry this year, but you really need to give the new guys and gals a chance!!)

I'll be thinking of you all on the trails and praying you are being safe and sensible!! (there are two posts today, so scroll down for the first one)

'Twas 2 nights before the trails opened
And all around our town
It was snowing like crazy!
It was really coming down!

The groomer drivers were sleeping
Knowing it'd be their last chance
"Oh, why did so many
Have to do that snow dance?"

It had been snowing backwards & sideways
And how the wind howled
It had been a challenge
Just keeping the roads plowed!

But this raised a question.
It was on all of our lips
'Would our snowmobiling guests
Still want to make the trip'?

Would they still come up?
Would they still show?
After all, the wind chill
Registered 50 below!!

There was a town meeting
At the town square
This was a heavy storm!
We needed to prepare!

If our guests had trouble getting here,
What could we do
to help them arrive safely,
We hadn't a clue.

When what to our wondering eyes did appear?!
SUV's and trailers and all kinds of gear!
A whole group had arrived
Amidst this bad storm
"Get us a room please,
so we can get warm!"

They were covered in snow
And were proud of themselves
Had frost on their eyebrows
And looked like big elves.

"It was a long trip
We left long ago!
We had no idea
There would be 6 foot of snow!"

"The weatherman said
There was a slight chance of a flurry
So anyone traveling would
Not have to worry"

(Well, that certainly explains it
As we all know
Don't depend on the weatherman
To predict the snow!)

We found rooms for Joe Snow and Catfish too
And for Viper Girl and Skidoo Queen to name a few
We heard them exclaim as they unloaded their stuff

(moral to the story…be careful what you wish for!!)
Written for fun & for sledders by C. Clementz


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    OK, is that REALLY a snowmobile those little kids are sitting on or is it a toy??

  2. Anonymous, yes, that is a real sled. It is made by the mfg who makes the "grown up" version of Arctic Cat...only this is called Kitty Cat. Can't get the sledders started soon enough!!

  3. Gosh...never knew you were a poet too!
    I think you are giddy with excitement over your upcoming trip! ha


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