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Friday, September 04, 2009


I think we have all made some proof reading error; me included. I’m just thankful that mine was caught before the situation went any further.

One of my jobs in my “former life” was account service representative which was a fancy title for “she opens bank accounts for customers and tries to keep everyone happy when they can’t reconcile their own bank accounts”.

A person came into my little cubby hole of an office and told me that the organization that he represented needed to open and checking and a savings account. After procuring all the needed documents for this new organization, I set about getting the info that they wanted to appear on their accounts. For one thing, it needed a title. They had already decided on CITIZEN’S FOR PUBLIC AWARENESS.

I don’t remember anything beyond the title of the accounts, but I do remember completing the paperwork, completing the check order and sending everything on its way to data entry.

The next morning, Melinda, the supervisor for data entry, called me at the branch office where I worked and asked me about this new account. She wanted to make sure before they entered it into the system that the title was REALLY what the organization was about. She was concerned that it might be an account for “not legal” purposes and of course, we couldn’t have that in our banking organization.

I assured Melinda that I had all of the documents and that I had sent copies to her department. She hadn’t seen the documents as of yet so to make herself more comfortable with this new organization she said she would call me back after she had reviewed the documents.

About 5 minutes later, Mel called back. She was laughing so much that I had a hard time understanding what she was saying to me. Mel asked me if I still had MY copy of the signature card handy so I could read it back to her. I pulled my copy and proceeded to read to her: CITIZENS FOR PUBIC AWARENESS.

OMG!!! I had omitted the “L” in PUBLIC so it read PUBIC!! CITIZENS FOR PUBIC AWARNESS!!!

No wonder Mel was concerned about what kind of an organization this was!!! The check order was correct; their paperwork was in order but BOY did I make a big typo!!! I AM SO GLAD THAT MEL CAUGHT THAT!! She was a stickler for details!!

We all got a good chuckle over that. But by now, I betcha if someone opened an account and ordered checks with CITIZENS FOR PUBIC AWARENESS, no one would think twice about it! Heck, the organization would probably get a lot more people on board with a title like that!


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    this is so darn funny!!! Thanks for sharing your mistake!!

    Jori from Shipsee

  2. That's sounds like something I'd have done! Hysterical.

  3. Anonymous, no problem! I can "expose" my mistakes to the PUBLIC!!

    Joanna, With your writing talents you could have made the experience so much better!

  4. I have often misread the word public to pubic...I wondered if I just had a dirty mind or what. SO GLAD someone else sees how that could happen. ha
    I want a Pubic Defender. ha


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