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Monday, September 07, 2009


It sounds like Mackinaw City and St. Ignace had standing room only this weekend as far as camping and lodging availability! Mill Creek Campground, Mackinaw City, is a 600+ site park and they were full and using their overflow, motels were full and the little state forest campgrounds along U.S. 2 were full. As someone stated; "they were packed in like sardines in a can". The Falls State Park and the River Mouth did finally get full and started sending people our way (as I said, our biggest competition).

Some of our guests who wanted to see the Tahquamenon Falls said that cars were lined up on M-123 waiting to get INTO the parking lot due to the lot being full. Crisp Point lighthouse, which is 39 miles one way from here and WAY out in the boonies, THAT lot was full (but it isn't a very big lot) and the volunteers who worked there said they'd had 100 visitors just that day.

Some news people are predicting that this year's Bridge Walk will be one of the best in many, many years. I'll try to have the stats for you tomorrow.

Our cabin guests and our Little Lodge guests have all left this a.m. to try to beat the bridge traffic. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about; every Labor Day for the past 50 some years, people are allowed to walk the 5 mile span of the Mighty Mac. It starts at 7 a.m. with the Michigan governor leading the pack. I believe the cut off time for anyone to start the walk is 11 a.m. During this time the north bound two lanes of the Mac are closed down for foot traffic only and the south bound lanes are open but become one lane going south and one going north. People who have spent Labor Day weekend in "da U.P" and who are trying to get across the Mackinac Bridge can set for hours in backed up traffic along U.S. 2 or even I-75, so most people try to get an early start to beat that tie up. BTW, that 5 mile span is more like 6 miles by the time you actually get to Mackinaw City! (And no, I'm not making typo errors; the Mackinac Bridge IS spelled with a C at the end of Mackinac and Mackinaw City IS spelled with a W at the end of Mackinaw)

The car traffic past here yesterday was basically bumper to bumper so it appears that many of the people who stayed in St. Ignace and Mackinaw City made the drive up yesterday to enjoy OUR part of God's country.

Well, we've got cabins and the Little Lodge to clean and all the bedding and assorted laundry from that so I better get busy!!


  1. Tom & I left the Soo around noon and had no trouble getting across the Bridge. The walk was still going on but southbound traffic was moving well. Northbound traffic was another story. It was backed up and slow in Mackinaw City. Our trip to Grand Rapids had slow spots but I made it in 5 1/2 hours which is about normal although I didn't stop and eat anywhere. Tom stopped off in Fife Lake to help a friend with some work around his cabin.

  2. Bad time to be on "da bridge". Glad you made it ok!!

  3. I heard it was a greatly attended Bridge Walk...good for our tourism!!!
    We were busy here too--the lake had the most boats on it we have EVER seen since we lived here. Probably due to the cold summer and the warm weather on Labor Day weekend.
    At last!


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