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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


The unofficial statistic that I have read so far is that 50,000 people walked the Mackinac Bridge and that (unofficially) it was the best turn out in 12 years!!!

Guests that arrived yesterday who were coming up from lower Michigan said that it took them over an hour to get from Mackinaw City across to St. Ignace (a 5 mile stretch of bridge)and traffic was backed up for a LONG ways on the St. Ignace side (waiting to head southward).

I also had guests arrive yesterday from various points in Wisconsin, Minnesota and lower Michigan that said they couldn't believe how dead the campgrounds were on their trip to get here. Of course, they were NOT referring to any campgrounds around Mackinaw or St. Ignace! SO I guess we should't feel so badly that we were a bit less than 50% occupied this weekend.

Hope everyone had a safe holiday!!


  1. They sure did have a beautiful day for it! :)

    This is something I could never do. Crossing that big ole' bridge, no matter how safe it is, still makes my hands tingle and sweat.

  2. Ashley, we did it many years ago with our kids; geez, two of them were about 8 and the oldest maybe 12. Had a blast!!

  3. Speaking of the Big Mac on september 18th 770 pre 1965 farm tractors are going to cross the bridge starting at 10:00 am.

  4. Tractor Guy, I've heard of that but never have seen it! Sounds like fun!! I know Dan would enjoy it if we could get away for it!!

  5. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I was one of those unofficial 50,000 people. Didn't seem like that were that many there, but I do start at 7:00am.
    It took so long for traffic to cross the bridge because there were two - count 'em, two - broken down pickup trucks on the bridge at the same time.
    Seems like us walkers were going faster than the wheeled traffic. ;-)

  6. Anonymous, I'm having a hard time believing that anyone in the know said that this was the best one in 12 years. It seems like if it WAS the best one, that would have made headlines some place! And then others said there was still campsites open in Mackinaw City, so who knows???

  7. I think WLUC said it was a great turnout, but I don't recall them saying any records were broken for attendance.
    I think the cold summer was the number one reason for the low camping numbers. I know the hotels are doing okay and better than the campgrounds. People just decided it was too cold to camp I think.

  8. Retired One, our camping was up 10% for May, 8% for June, 15% for July and 12% for August. So we did do better this year than last year for those months. Our lodging did fairly well too. I think the fact that Labor Day was "later" this September might have had something to do with it.


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