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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This is my daughter.

It is one of the few photos I have of her where she is enjoying her day. She has a condition that makes her life extremely painful and affects everything she does whether it is something simple like sitting at a computer, grocery shopping, and anything in between. She has managed to go to college (graduated with honors), have various jobs, and support herself. Her medical bills, basically her Rx's take about everything that she tries to set aside. Anyway, with all of that said, we are very proud of what she has accomplished with her life and how she has managed to "get where she is". So, when I see a photo of her smiling and having a wonderful time, it makes ME extremely happy. I'm taking this photo with us when we leave this fall. She had a copy made for me and put it in a frame. It arrived in the mail yesterday.

I have told you about some of the things that she said as a kid; like "Why does deep make my gum come out?", "I don't see a blue streak" (referring to the talkative Avon lady...and thoroughly putting me on the spot). I'm sure your kids have said things that stick out in your mind too.

Another one that comes to mind is when she started pre-school. WAY back then, pre-school wasn't like it is today. Sure, they learned how to tie their shoes, the alphabet and some simple things to prepare them for Kindergarten. One of the ways they were taught the alphabet was to draw something that began with the specific letter they were learning for that week. While sitting at the supper table one night, my little sweetheart asked me "Does ovary begin with an O?" To which I replied "Yes, it does, but why do you want to know?" (and before we go any further, I probably need to explain where a 4 year old ever heard that word...at the time I was expecting to have more surgery which involved an ovary... she had overheard the conversations. Being a farm kid, she didn't miss much).

She said "We have to draw something that begins with an O, so I thought I would draw that." I remember asking her if she knew what it would look like and she didn't but figured she could draw a BIG O and call it an ovary. When I took her to pre-school the next day, I informed her teacher that if my daughter turned in a drawing of a BIG O and then told the teacher what it was, to please not be alarmed.

She made it through pre-school without getting the board of education involved, managed to get thru' high school too. At that time, she decided she wanted to be a mechanic. By the time she went to college she had changed her mind about that, but at least she is very well versed in the mechanics of cars and does her own oil changes when she feels well enough to do so. If this condition hadn't "overtaken her", she wanted to continue her education and become an RN or possibly have gone further with a medical career.

So, yep, when I see even a glimmer of her having a good time, doing something fun, it makes me extremely happy....and this photo was one of her best days in a LONG time.
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  1. sfeutz3:43 PM

    Daughter's are always Mom's Little Girl, eh? Every Mom should have at least one!

  2. Sandy, that's for sure. Between Dan and me, we have 3 grown kids; he has two sons so I got the experience of "raising boys" and he got the experience of raising a daughter. His youngest son and my daughter were each 7 when we met, his oldest was 11 I believe. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO??? Now each boy has kids of their own!

  3. If you don't mind sharing, what condition does she have? It sounds like my fibromyalagia...
    you have some good days, but most of the time there is some degree of pain. You just do the best you can and do all you can on the good days.
    I think my daughter has it too.

  4. Retired One, I will send you an email in a bit in regards to my daughter. My sister has fibromyalgia very bad (as opposed to good???) so I know a bit about how that can affect people. I didn't realize you had that. I'm sorry that you have to deal with it.

  5. Cathy, What a wonderful photo of your daughter. It's great to see her smiling and enjoying something she likes.

    We've talked about chronic illness before. My heart is with her.


  6. Beautiful photo! Smiles mean so much. Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Joanna, it warms our heart to see her have a little fun. She and I use to go to Cedar Point quite often and ride the coasters; last time we were there, she had to use her wheel chair in order to be comfortable.

    Ashley, she has a very pretty smile and beautiful blue eyes; about the color blue that you see on Siberian Huskies that have blue eyes..icy blue.


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